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It seems as though this group is starting to die down. Why don't we pump it up a bit, shall we?

Okay, I love the idea of this new competition. This was inspired by my Creative Writing class.

This is how it works. You can write a story on anything you want, but somewhere in the story it has to include this line:
"(I, he, she, we, they, us etc)stood completely still."

Let's see what you can come up with from this! ^_^

The rules are simple. It must include the sentence in your story, and it can be about anything. you can continue the sentence or leave it at that.

Minimum: 500 words
Maximum: 3000 words

Have fun! ^_^

Remember: You can do whatever you want with this short story when you're done with the competition. This group is made of the soul purpose of inspiring writers.

The rules for this one are simple. This is a short story. The minimum amount of words is 500. The maximum is 3000.

Two judges maximum. If you want to be a judge, please tell me in one paragraph why I should choose you.

Attached is my Creative Writing short story assignment that was related to this. In that one the sentence we had to use was "(Pronoun)stood at the bottom of the hill."

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that is a good idea! im gonna need some inspiration, though...
The inspiration is in the one sentence, see what you can come up with when using that one sentence.
I would love to be a judge!

The reason

I think that I should be one of the judges because I can critique stories with thoughtfulness, and be fair about it. I am the sort of person who, when confused about something I read, asks questions of the reader so that I know what she/he was thinking of, at the time. I like to critique stories in a way that it fast, but accurate too. I really think that you should choose me, but, it is your choice.
@ Amanda: Okay you're in. lol
@ Heather: I haven't gotten the chance to read the whole thing, but I read some of it and it's great so far! Nice job! ^_^
Not true, just this group isn't as active cause of school -_-
I think so....
Wow!! This is really great. Wonderful writing too. I hope the competition is still going on......
You got the job.
You're welcome ^_^
cool idea Kaze!!! Well I invted every last one of my friends to this group so hopefully, more people enter!

I look forward to seeing the entries of this competition.
I dun get it, Kaze, what is the line we're supposed to write in??
I made up a line that you're supposed to include in your short story which is "(I, he, she, we, they, us etc)stood completely still."

You're supposed to think of ways you can put that into a short story or get inspired by that simple line and figure why this person(s) are standing still?


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