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It seems as though this group is starting to die down. Why don't we pump it up a bit, shall we?

Okay, I love the idea of this new competition. This was inspired by my Creative Writing class.

This is how it works. You can write a story on anything you want, but somewhere in the story it has to include this line:
"(I, he, she, we, they, us etc)stood completely still."

Let's see what you can come up with from this! ^_^

The rules are simple. It must include the sentence in your story, and it can be about anything. you can continue the sentence or leave it at that.

Minimum: 500 words
Maximum: 3000 words

Have fun! ^_^

Remember: You can do whatever you want with this short story when you're done with the competition. This group is made of the soul purpose of inspiring writers.

The rules for this one are simple. This is a short story. The minimum amount of words is 500. The maximum is 3000.

Two judges maximum. If you want to be a judge, please tell me in one paragraph why I should choose you.

Attached is my Creative Writing short story assignment that was related to this. In that one the sentence we had to use was "(Pronoun)stood at the bottom of the hill."

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Thanks, Tory, from one redhead to another! Really glad you liked it.
when does entering close?
I'm not sure? Since not many people entered. Go ahead and write something for it if you like ^_^
If this is still open I'll write something I just have to get the idea first. I'll have one by the end of the day then I'll start writing : )
No title yet.


The floors creak, the doors swing freely, I’m just waiting for the old portraits of big nosed old creepoids eyes to follow me. Then for knifes to fly above my head, and the windows to break randomly. Haunted house just aren’t my thing, I don’t even watch scary movies. What is Michael thinking, taking me here? I’m just gonna cry, scream, and run the second something unexplainable happens. Is this some twisted romantic date. Oh yay! Take a girl to a haunted house; bring a blanket, food, and who knows what else is in that backpack. I hope there’s a stress ball, or he will have no use in his hand by the end of the night. I’m pretty sure my grip is already cutting his circulation off. I wonder if he thinks I’m a wimp, does he expect me to enjoy this. Paranormal just isn’t my way of fun I don’t watch the shows, I don’t listen to the stories, I avoid ghost inhabited houses.

Michael squeezes my sweaty cramped hand, wow how sympathetic, bring me here, and try and comfort me. We should have turned back when I asked to, but he said he’d protect me. I know he will, but I still don’t like this situation.

“Kayla, everything’s alright, nothings gonna happen.” Michael utters, I’m so way past being reassured. I am so way past paranoid that soon I’m pretty sure I’m going to start imagining things. I don’t reply, why should I reply, the words would squeak out anyway. And that’s just so cute! I don’t get that a scared girl squeaks pathetically, guy hugs poor frightened girl, and she suddenly relaxes. Yeah right! I want to run home watch an innocent show like Blues clues, and sleep with the blankets over my head. If he really wanted to make me relax we’d leave!


New meat! I don’t have to leave this decrepit house to get a good laugh. I’m gonna scare like I’ve never scared before. I’m so overdue, and look at these two its’ going to be so easy. What should I do, whisper into their ears, run my fingers down their backs. I love seeing the Goosebumps rise on their arms, the shivers run down their spines, or their knocking, wobbling knees as they walk down the halls of my house.

I remember when I died in this house. The ghost gave me no mercy; I was like them minus the doe eyed girl. I was on the second floor, and he started stomping, for a good scare. I stood completely still, frozen with fear. I never met the ghost that killed me, but I’ve heard he was pretty bad. He passed on when he killed me. That’s the only way I got this house; if the previous owner that kills you he/she moves on afterward, you inherit his property. I haven’t even thought about killing a person yet, well I have I think it would be awesome, but it just didn’t seem like the right time. My ghost buddies say it’s like a gut feeling, it hits when you least expect it though.

I approach the boy and girl, which are conjoined at the hand. The guys face is pained, the girls is worried. This should be fun; I hope they have there running shoes on. I creep closer, making sure to hit every board just right. The girl shuts her eyes tightly and the boy eyes fly open alert.

“Kayla you’re hurting my hand.” The guy says. I laugh and make sure to make it audible, I could hurt it more. The girl rips her hand from his and plugs her ears. He puts his hands on her shoulders and tries to hug her convulsing body. She twists out of his embrace, and turns around giving him the cold shoulder. Denied! I whisper into his ear slowly, and then I snake my arms down the girls back.

“Michael stop!” She shrieks, I nudge Michael into her, and run my fingers through her hair. “Michael Stop!” She elbows him in the ribs and steps further away from him. She’s crying now her torso is shaking with her big sobs. Michael gasps, and his eye brows furrow.

“Kayla I’m not doing anything, could you lighten up.” Kayla whips around and slaps Michael in the face. I grab control over his whole arm, and hold her wrists with his one hand. She pulls, but I grip harder. Michael's face is astonished, so I reel the resisting girl into his chest. She pushes, but you know ghosts are much stronger than and average human. I love this, I causing so much drama.

“Kayla I swear I’m not doing it!” Michael screeches, wow man what a way to ruin the fun. I was helping him get the girl he so obviously wants, and he denies his moves. They may be a little rough, but hey I haven’t gotten full control over my extreme strength…Maybe he hasn’t ruined the fun…maybe he’s just changed it up.

“Are you possessed?” She gasps; oh no he just really wants you. I release Michaels arm so I can think. Bump up the scare maybe have them rough house instead.


This is an amazing plan he said! This has no ways to backfire he said! I’m never listening to Adam again! Now Kayla thinks I’m possessed. But I am. I wouldn’t grab her and… do what I just did. But I’m pretty sure she hit me on her own. I deserved that though, I convinced her to come, and not go back when she wanted to. She should hate me. She was right. Adam was wrong. And I’m an idiot. Bring a spirit hating girl to a haunted house where she’s scared to death. Wow! I’m so dumb I think I’m the definition of dumb. I blew it, now Kayla won’t come near me because I’m possessed, and she will probably never speak to me again. There’s a ghost controlling my movements. It whispered in my ear, and touched Kayla. I wish that ghost would die… I wish that ghost would get lost.

I brought Kayla to show her I care, I could hold her, comfort her, and be with her. But if I cared, if I was smart, I would have listened to her, considered her emotions. It kind of sucks realizing you did something completely wrong after you’ve already done it.

If I could speak to Kayla without her thinking there’s some stupid ghost talking through me. I wish we could run from this house, and start over like this thing never happened. But she won’t ever talk to me again. She won’t look at me again.

There’s a tingling feeling sending alarms off in my mind. It’s back. I mentally push, and physically shake my arm. Leave! I say to myself you’ve done enough damage!

“I think I’ll be the judge of that.” It whispers to me again. I grunt at feel the anger heating up me neck. I feel like ripping the invisible piece of crap to death. I claw at the air.

"Leave!” I say out loud, Kayla looks at me, and notices I’m talking to the air. She backs away, and Watches me scratching at the air with my not possessed arm. Tears run down Kayla’s face, and she jumps to her feet. She begins sprinting, I call after her, but suddenly I’m on my feet. The space between us is diminishing fast. She looks over her shoulder and takes a turn down at dark dimly lit hall.


He told me to leave? Is he nuts, who’s in whose house now? And with all his crazy grabbing at the air he drove off the girl. Now I’m running his body down the halls chasing her. I can run faster than most too. These kids really do underestimate me. I had a plan before she tried escaping, but this can work more conveniently. I’m going to need a good sleep after this. Hopefully I just have to start the fight. I also hope the guy doesn’t have any major issues with hitting girls. Then I’ll have to do it all. Maybe they’ll think each of them are possessed, and try to beat the ghosts out of each other.

Kayla’s about a yard in front of me, and I know this house down to the rusted nails, and if I’m correct there’s one coming up. If I’m accurate with my pounce, and tackle she’ll fall right into it. It’s just the tip on the nail it will only give her a nice cut. The guy will feel horrible, but she’ll just want to pound his face in. Then either he will or I will fight back. I jump, and land right on her back. She tumbles, and slides across the loose boards, and yelps as her body is dragged across the conveniently placed nail. She screams, and scrambles to her knees. Her shirts ripped from the ribs down. That’s hot. Even the blood spilling onto the floor is nice. I leave Michaels body quickly to inspect his face. It’s covered in shock, and dread. I jump back in and lunge at Kayla. I pin her with Michael’s knees, and pull her hair. She scratches her hair, and I pin her hands above her head with one arm.


The searing pain, is what I feel, Michael's face is blank. He’s possessed. This is so scary. What should I do, I’m pinned. Michael is so heavy I can’t buck him off. My stomach hurts, the cuts leaking dark, thick, red blood continuously. Michael runs a finger down the cut, and presses his finger nails into it. I scream, and kick my legs. His knees press harder on my hips, and I begin to cry. What does he, the ghost want, why is he doing this? Are there no warnings. The ghost take Michael's hand, and run his bloodied fingers over my face, my lips, my eyelids, and my cheeks. I spit and Michael cringes. He still has some control! Why isn’t he kicking this stupid spirit out of his body?

Does the ghost feel what Michael feels? I kick my leg up, and hit him in the head. Sorry Michael. He shouts in pain, and rage flashes into his eyes. That isn’t Michael; she sees her horrid reflection in the ghosts enraged eyes. This is no longer Michael. I wonder if he’s fighting the ghost from the inside, while I’m trying to fight him from the outside. I kick him again, and he punches me in the stomach. I twist my torso while he’s repositioning himself. I roll, and he goes tumbling off my stomach. I use the time to get to me feet, but he’s already on his, charging towards me. What’s this ghost on steroids! I use a dance move that could work as an attack too. I set up a pirouette, and start spinning, I spot the ghost and watch as he makes Michael's face twist with confusion. He takes two more runs towards me, and I kick my leg out quick, and hard. The first kick throws him back, but he’s up and coming again in less than two second. I bring my leg in and flick it out right on time, I hit him right where the suns don’t shine, and he falls to the floor. I love fouette’s. I run, and beat him in the side of the head once with a stray floor board. He doesn’t move, so I go running. Again I’m sorry Michael.


I hold my head in my hands to keep it from falling to pieces; Kayla’s got lots of power. I really wish she didn’t have to beat me up. Nathan left; I learned his name while he was inside my head. He’ll be back I know, he went after Kayla while I lay unconscious on the floor. I’m awake, and my head sure is pounding, my body’s sore, and I wish I knew how long I’d been asleep. I get to my feet, and slowly take baby steps down the hall. With the dim lighting, I can still see the dark blood spots, and splatters on the floor. I follow them to where Kayla will be.


While I was following the bleeding chick around my house, a light went off in my head, the alarms sounded, and it felt like I, and unfeeling ghost, had been hit in the gut. I lay my hand over my stomach, and grin. I feel like a kill hungry pit bull. Its time. It’s now, I have two mice, and this kitty cats on the prowl. I’ve got one under my radar, and the other knocked out. I land from where I was hovering with a great forced boom, and Kayla jumps three feet off the ground. She’s been pacing for the last hour, and her blood has dried. I walking towards her, and she glances frantically around the room. From the floor to the ceiling, does she think I can walk on the roof? Wait I can. I lick my lips, and take deep breaths. This will be the best time of my death, and the last time. I will move on, and they can do what they want with my house. Just like I will do what I want with their deaths. I close the space between me, and Kayla’s scared body slowly, but then shove her into the wall. She lets out a gasp, and then tries to crawl away. I can tell this will be fun.
I got home and started writing, Probably isn't that good but it kept me busy : )
I just read this again and noticed the mistakes. I'm sorry I just wrote it in like 2 hours and posted it without editing.
This is my first try and i hope you like it


You may have heard part of my story and how my beautiful wife died !
But this is the end, the part if the story you thought you would never hear until now her name was Bayak or Raven in the white mans tough.
But you know her as the third wife she was my true soul mate my imprint we had lived and loved well. I knew she would do anything for me and she proved it the day the cold ones mate came to take revenge on my tribe.

I can still see it when I close my eyes, Bayak grabbing the knife from our young son’s belt knowing that with my death the beautiful cold woman would decimate the hole tribe. in the midst of my fear and despair, I knew I was to old to win this one but I would fight to the end

I can see her running towards the fight “And then my beautiful Bayak fell to her knees at the blood drinker’s feet and plunged the knife into her own HEART” blood seductive, alluring to the blood drinker, The scent of blood washed over her it was horrible. But it did stop her the growing pool of blood that surrounded us and soaked us I stood completely still I watched Bayaks face as her brow wrinkled and she seemed to cringe. Then her eyes closed they closed forever her mortal life was over. I drew a deep breath, Tears were pouring down my cheeks and I had to take several sobbing breaths. All l could fell was my heart die with one move I closed my teeth around the cold ones neck and took off her head , my two young sons not men yet sprang forth as wolves and we finished her off. I drew strength from their presence.
I heard my sons ( Mother, Father NO )The words echoed weirdly through my mind. my eyes were closed I was really,
really cold. I didn't want to open them, and I didn't think I'd ever get warm again as a wolf I was never cold but my sun was died.
I lay for one day beside her body, I moved carefully, like someone had switched me "on," but had set my speed at slow. I took off I went into the forest to die.
The pain so overwhelming I could not go on!!! I got maybe 100 miles into the forest when my legs gave out on me I laid there Crying to the moon it was full so bright it hurt my wolf eyes. Why I asked but I didn't really expect an answer, and none came. It was amazing how much
things could change in just a few hours. I tried not to, but flashes of Bayak death kept playing across my mind,

Yes it is better to be in this form as a old man death would not be right away I would not age at first and my tribe would try to stop me. No one could stop me now I could heard the minds of my young sons pleading with me to come home!

Saying they have lost their mother they need me the tribe needs me, but you see I have live 158 years I needed it to be over. I would not live without my Bayak it was time to move on to the spirit world to be with my ancestors.

Furiously I got up and I took off, running away from the pain the hurt fasted and faster, and then the place I would end it all. In my head I heard my sons say NO and start to run after me. They would not make it !

I run to the edge of the cliff with one jump I was falling down to the water and rocks below. Then I saw the face of my beloved I do not remember the pain of my death because my ancestors pulled my sprit out of my wolf self right then. I saw my true love she said “Kwop kilawtley” And I would stay with her forever I put my hand in hers and we walked into the stars together I was home. THE END
Nice, Kate. I always feel what your characters are going through.
LIndy, I know you know this, but I can't help but repeat it: I loved this. I particularly love the line: Taking one last look at the dying monster, he gave a low growl and effortlessly sped out the window, rushing the angel away from hell, Just so perfect! Great job!
this is beautiful no names needed you are very good my sister
Is ThiS ComP StiLL opEn??


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