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Hi guys! As some of you may know, this group is at risk of being deleted! It hasn't been as active as it usually is in the past few months, but everyone has been finishing school things and hasn't had time to go on much. In January we do the Annual Writer's Awards which is very popular and it gets more active then. Even if you don't go on much it would still be a good idea to sign it so that you could start using the group. It is really a fun place and I'm sure that you'll enjoy it! I read in the thread against the new rules that we could start a petition to keep the group alive,so it would be nice it you could all sign this for us! Thanks for much!


~Admin Amanda--> and Group Creator Kazé


Petition AGAINST deleting Writer's Awards/Competitions:

1. Admin Amanda-->

2. Group Creator Kazé

3. Rose Blossom[Megan]

4. Majo Mora LObo


6. Shadow Aria Luna Black

7. Luna

8. Hannah~Masquerade~

9. Vamplvr27

10. Sarah Beth

11. Lil Red (Kaitlyn)

12. Shana

13. Nina Rose

14. Abby Black

15. miss.carol

16. emma! {team peeta}

17. [[OhEmGeeHi]]

18. Fierce Fanpire

19. Lauren Crepsley

20. Elizabeth Clearwater

21. Bobina156

22. Nicole

23. A glistening teardrop

23. Pawns Of The Soul

24. Twilight Rox112

25. nik-edward is my love

26. Annie aka AndraLee

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I dont want this group do be is VERY unfair...sign me in!!!
You can put my name down:)
*Shadow signs*
Sign me up please. :)
i sign!!!


*writes name* SIGN ME UP!!!!

Thank you all for signing! It means the world to me! I want this group to keep going! Tell all your friends to sign if possible!

11 signatures already! :)


Thanks again,


Admin Amanda-->

PLEASE sign me up, i want this group to stay!
Adding your name...:)
We have 12 people now guys! Keep telling your friends! :)
sign me up


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