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Nominate your favorite poems by TTS users (or yourself) here! I will post a voting discussion soon!

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I'd like to nominate myself and one of my poems. I'll post the poem ASAP. Or as soon as I find it ;)
Far from Heaven by ♥*The Oηℓy Fuţurε Mrs. Bαrηεs*♥

Angles call from above
All in gold
No more pain, no more
But then the Gate to Heaven shuts
Locking you out
No need to shout
You fall from high above
Don't cry, my love
Don't you see?
There's no need
You tumble down and you know it's the end
You scream and shout
Begging for more time
But the soft tick tock is all you hear
And you fall and you fear
That your far from heaven
And that you are, my dear.
I like it!
Thanks ;)
I would like to nominate my poem
Field Of Dreams

Laying in my field of dreams
I look into the sky and see
The clouds forming into your face
The love I feel for you feels my heart
The pain of your dismissal burns
My heart feels flames licking at it
So hot the fire you set
That I feel the fire burning my heart
So greedy is the fire you set
In my field of dreams I change the words you said
No longer will my heart burn
No longer will I cry
In my field you said you will be mine
That we would be together for all time
You laid here with me in my field
I touched your face with my fingers
You dissappered at my touch
I realized I fooled my heart
You will never be mine
Now only to tell my broken heart
Nominating myself for a few poems. One, The Murderer's Hunt:

The Murder's Hunt

The blood is a waterfall, flowing downward
And then suddenly the structure of the waterfall
Has collapsed from exhaustion and the loss of the blood.
The waterfall gasps, and suddenly it is a human,
A woman, with lips as red as her blood,
Pale skin, dark hair once beautiful but now ashen.

"Why? Why?!" She breathes lightly, but violently.
Her body begins to tremble, as if she is
The waterfall again, and an earthquake has occurred.
I watch, with no movement and sound,
Until the earthquake ceases, and the waterfall is flat.

She is not breathing.
The water is not flowing.
I pull the knife from her stomach,
Dump it in the sink.
I take a sharp stone out of the damp falls,
Toss it to the side.

How You Make Me Feel
By Luna

I type in my password,
Swiftly and quickly.
My friends lives flood
Onto my computer screen.

A small blue rectangle pops up.
Click. And there you are.
On the other side of the world,
You've been up, waiting for someone,
Waiting for me.

Our lives are screwed up,
Our loved ones cramming into our seams.
We have each other for comfort.
My heart feels at ease, happy,
When I talk to you.

Problem, advice,
Problem, advice,
Problem, advice,
For hours and hours.

I love you. Thank you.

I love you too. Thank you.

^Not the best, sorry.
um, i have a few questions
1 is this comp still going?
2 and if so, can i enter?
3 if the comp is still going, does my poetry have 2 b already posted on this site, or can it b something i've written in my recent past, but have never posted anywhere?
and 1 more question
assuming this comp is still going, and i can enter and i can post my nvr before post poems many can i post...cuz i have about 4 that i wrote that i like, and wud like 2 enter if i can

I don't know if this is still going, but I would like to nominate some of my Therian based poems. In case anyone doesn't know a Therian is a person that believes themselves to be in part or in whole an animal on a non-physical basis- usually spiritual... These are copyrighted to me, and I wrote these two years ago and they are a few of my first peoms. Behind These Eyes, however, was ultimately my first poem ever, and it recieved a lot of good and some okay reviews on


I am Cat


I am cat

Huntress of the starry night

Searching for my hidden prey

To bring to my little ones

Who lay in the den nearby

Crying for my little ones

Just to be sure they're safe.


I am cat

Dozzing through the mid-day sun

Some may consider me lazy

I hunt much more than you in truth

A bird flies overhead

I jerk up and reach up to bat it


I am cat

Sneaking up on a mouse

My selected prey

I kneel down lower

My tail held at a horizontal angle

So as to not scare my prey

I pounce only to realize...


I am not cat

I am human

Having just woken from a dream

The best one ever

I pull the covers over me

And try to fall back asleep

Hoping my dream will come true

For I am cat.



Behind These Eyes


Behind these eyes

I am trapped

Waiting to be free

Trapped within humanity

Never to escape


I can not help myself

I hiss when I am frieghtned

I growl when I am annoyed

I snarl when I am angry

I meow when I am alone


A prowling feline in disquise

My true self hidden

Behind my deep eyes

Waiting to pounce on

Mu unsuspecting prey


I am caged inside this body

I long to be free

To escape and be myself

But alas I cannot

I am stuck

Behind these eyes.



Midnight Wolf


I howl to the moon

I cry to my brethren

Alone and lost.


A howl breaks out

It is my kindred

I race out to join them


I greet them

With muzzles and licks galore

They greet me back


Happy to be together

Happy to be part of them

Happy to be a wolf.


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