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Surviving the Beat


The Music. Love &Hate. Sweet Survival. This is all the basic ingredients to live in the real world. Being pampered for some people, hoping for a show gig, and even trying to balance a stable relationship with a decent person. The inspiring tale of two people trying to get to know each other with all the circumstances that comes with the relationship. Rocker boy Jason Fields is an almost to the top super star who is always looking for that next big step. Jason happens to run by a girl who amazes him completely…too bad he didn’t see her again until she came to one of his gigs. Claire Woods is the lucky girl who catches Jason’s eye. Her father, Carl Woods, is the head of High  Mic Records Company, which Jason and his band are trying to get sign to. Claire is in line for the head position of the company, but has to prove herself worthy to her father before he gives the company to her older brother, Xavier. Will she live up to her father’s expectations or follow the hypnotic music to Jason’s heart?  

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Chapter 1- Welcome to Showbiz

Music is what makes you move. Love & Hate is what makes your heart break. Survival is what makes you persistent to strive for greatness, let alone stay alive in the fast- pace world. The Rocker World is constantly changing every minute of every day. Gigs, concerts, traveling, paparazzi, never staying in one place for a long time, and most importantly MUSIC; goes on in the world of Music. Musicians always striving to reach the top, singers who beg for sold out concerts, CEO’s who are looking for a new artist, and managers who are tired of trying to survive the beat of the music. Jason Fields and his band “Ultra-Dimensions” got their first big break two years ago which made them grow into mesmerizing band they are today.


Two Years Ago

Jason’s P.O.V


I drove me and the band to our fifth gig this month. We’ve made progress since the first time we ever performed live. Our first time, some of the members got nervous and ended up throwing up on the stage…needless to say we sucked that night. All the time that has passed the band has gotten better about being onstage. Tonight our performance is going to be epic, considering we heard rumors about an executive head manager coming to the concert. All of us were excited except Brandon, he prefers smaller crowds.

Luke, Brandon, Zack, and I met in detention over a year ago because we were being loud in band class. Luke broke the drums so he had double detention instead of all of us. That detention day we were playing around on the instruments with Luke on the drums, Brandon on the piano, Zack on bass, and me with the guitar and singing. We played a couple of songs and got busted by the teacher, who to our surprise said we sounded great and that we should actually be in a band so we said why not.

Now here we are headed to our fifth gig with a huge crowd. We were to perform in a huge nightclub called “Limbo”. When we got there the place looked dead, ironically, but inside it was fueled with power. There was a dance floor, dancers, and a decent stage at the back. We set up our equipment for the show and minutes later there was a line outside. They left the people in and we played our hearts out, but I was irritated. The one thing I was worried about was a tall man sitting up in one of the VIP booths with a younger man. He was looking at me curiously and I got uncomfortable. At the end of the performance I and the band hanged around the club until it was time to go. We went into another VIP booth, but got interrupted when somebody barged in on their own accord.


“Excuse me gentleman, could one of you tell me who Jason Fields.” the man said. Brandon coughed on his drink, Zack started laughing, and Luke pointed to me.

“That’s me.” I said motioning him to have a seat.

“No thank you, that won’t be necessary...this will be brief. I saw you guys performance tonight and I quite enjoyed it. I’m the head executive to High Mic Records and I would hope that you consider joining us. Tell you what here’s my card, when you get sorted out and have all of your things prepared…give me a call.” The man said heading to leave.

“No Way!” Brandon whispered excitedly. I nodded.

“But-“Luke got cut off.

“Mr. Woods. Xavier Woods.” Xavier left closing the curtain behind him. Zack started jumping up and down while Brandon started drinking again, but Luke and I, the ones who have a brain, sat there and started thinking.

“What now?” Luke was thinking hard as he slumped in his seat.

“The only thing we can do...Get ready.” I said as we packed up the van and left.

Present Day

“Guys come on; Evan is calling for sound check. We’re late!” I yelled trying to get everybody out the hotel. Evan is our manager how since two years ago, you would think for two years he would soften up, but he hates it when you’re late.

“Dude, why didn’t you wake me up an hour ago!” Zack shouted from his room, running to get ready.

“You have an alarm clock, use it.” I walked to the kitchen and found Brandon sleeping on the table and Luke eating.

“Morning sunshine.” Luke had a mouth full of food.

“Oh hush up.” I walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.

Brandon stirred awoke and rubbed his temple while trying to shield his eyes as well. “Please stop yelling, I have a headache.”

“Who told you to drink so much? You knew we had practice at 8 A.M.” Luke started mimicking Brandon’s British accent which made Brandon punch him in the back, sending Luke chocking on his food.

I laughed and grabbed some glasses from the kitchen counter and threw them at Brandon to put them on. “Enough!”

Zack came stumbling out of his room and ruffled his hair. “My stomach hurts.”

“Who said you have to laugh at everything?” I grabbed the keys off the counter and turned off the lights.

Zack laughed and touched his stomach and then suddenly stopped, throwing me a glare. “HA HA so funny. Get in the car and shut up.”

Brandon and Luke laughed while running to the car for the front seat. “Don’t break the door!”


Hiya people of the world! Well since this is about the 15th book I’ve written without any input at the end, I decided to try it. So what do you think? Who is this Xavier person? Why does Zack always laugh at everything? Is Jason very protective of his family?... find out more but for now I can tell you a secret….I LOVE ZEBRA!!!

Chapter 2- Practice! Practice! Practice!

We parked outside the studio and ran for the back door; we had two minutes left before we’re late. Zack was laughing as usual so he tripped over the carpet by the door, luckily he didn’t fall over anybody. Since the elevator wouldn’t go fast enough we all took the stairs, but I knew they wouldn’t make it in time so I took a shortcut. One of my ‘friends’, Jill, who works there has a private staircase connected to our studio…nobody knows but Evan and I. I ran full speed for her office and nearly broke her door barging in.

“Hey do you knock?” Jill jumped and then threw one of her lounge pillows at me.

“Sorry Jill.” I ran for the staircase sparing her a glance.

“Oh your late…I forgot. You have 10 seconds.” Jill laughed and used the remote to open the ceiling door. “5…4…3…2..1..jump before it closes!”

I pushed off the staircase and landed with a thud on one of the love seats in the room. Evan chuckled and stood at the door tapping his watch.

“Shortcut…huh?” He asked sipping his coffee.

“Hey I don’t feel like doing pushups early in the morning just for being late, you’re crazy!” I laughed and looked at the clock on the wall.

8:10 A.M

“They’re late.” Evan sat at the control booth while I just sat there watching TV.

Luke came first, and then Brandon, then Zack, and they looked tired. Zack was trying to breath, but because of that he started laughing…needless to say he fell on the floor gasping for air. Brandon shrugged and rubbed his temples while Luke raided the fridge for water. I laughed as Evan pointed to the floor and told them to get into their pushup position.

“You got to be out your freaking mind!” Brandon crossed his arms over his chest and stood his ground.

“I will pull you from the next show.” Evan smirked and turned on the studio mics.

“You can’t do that.” Brandon dropped his arms and balled his fists.

“I can and I will if I have to.” Evan turned to Brandon, Zack, and Luke.

“Down, hurry up…you are wasting time.”

I muffled a laugh as Brandon stubbornly got down and did his pushups with the others. I went inside the booth and did some vocal exercises before they finished their pushups.

“This sucks.” Zack finished his after Luke while Brandon was still doing his.

“You are slow.” Evan criticized Brandon on his attempt that he calls pushups.

“All of us can’t…you know what never mind…shut up” Brandon yelled walking to the booth. We all had to sing for the new soundtrack, I don’t know why they don’t want to sing up front with me, but every time I ask they say ‘I like to do my own thing’…so I just say ok.

“Watch your tone or I will have you cleaning the stage after the performance every week.” Evan threw a glare and turned on the sound controls.

“Come on Evan, look at this sexy body. Does it look like it needs to be associated with filth?”

“More like the sewer.”

Brandon fell silent and put his headphone on as Zack clutched his stomach laughing.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After Practice~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“That man has problems!” Zack laughed kicking the door open.

“He’s one of a kind.” I said putting the door back in place. “I wonder…when you die would you die of laughter?”

“No I won’t, so suck it and get over it.” Zack stumped off to the car and got into the driver’s seat.
“Wow...Such verbal language. Anyways we have a gig tomorrow night and that implies no heavy drinking Brandon.” Luke trudged to the car sleepy and got in the back seat.

“Hey, you guys hold up for a minute I have to go see Jill.” I smiled walking away.

“We have no time for your flirting Jason.” Brandon honked the horn over Zack.

“It will only take a minute Bran Bran.” I ran for the stairs.

“How many times have I told you not to call me THAT!” Brandon yelled. I chuckled and came to my destination; I stood silently in her doorway.

Jill Davis is currently kind of my girlfriend, but she never made it official because she thinks because I’m younger its wrong…to hell with that. I see her occasionally, but not all the time unless I’m at work and practice. She is short, petite, and hard to get sometimes. Jill sat on top of her desk on the phone with her legs cross in her tight black skinny jeans. Her long black hair flowed around her blue ruffled top, she was playing with one of her office toys…looking very focused. Jill is probably the only one of my ‘friends’ that I actually chase after.

“Yes…I understand Mr. Holloway. I appreciate you calling me about the performance. I’m pretty sure the band enjoyed your club. All you have to do is call my assistant, Alisa, for the transportation package. Okay…your welcome, Bye.” Jill rolled her eyes after she broke her toy in frustration. “Crap…”

“Well doesn’t someone look frustrated?” I wrapped my arms over my chest and walked to her slowly.

“Ah, well if it isn’t my little love monkey.” Jill giggled and threw her broken toy away.

“What did I tell you about calling me little? Does anything on me in particular look little to you woman?”

“Well since you mention it…”, Jill fingered the belt loop on my jeans, “small…”

“Don’t even think about calling me or”, looking down, “that small or little, you got that?” I chuckled while pulling her closer to me so that she was straddling the edge of the desk.

“It was just a joke jeez. You don’t stand a chance at getting with me Jay.”

“Why? Just because your five years older than me! I don’t give a damn.” I lift her chin up so she could look at me. She was biting on her lower lip which was sexy as hell.

“I find that wrong…but hell, I can’t resist.” She kissed me excitedly.

I smiled as she opened her mouth waiting for me to come in. I slid my tongue in her mouth and she started sucking on it teasingly. My iPhone vibrated and I knew the band was calling me.

“I have to go.” I slowly pulled away letting go of her.

“No stay.” She pulled me back and kissed me on my collarbone.

Don’t worry, I’ll see you tonight.” I winked and fled the room heading for the car.

~~~~~~~~~~~CHAPTER 2 GOES BYE-BYE~~~~~~~~

Ooh La La! Jason has a mistress that’s older than him….GAH! Good thing he’s really cute. I’m sorry this chapter is short...It’s killing


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