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So there have been a lot of competitions lately, which is great, but I thought I would shake things up a little with a new one-shot competition with a different kind of prize than usual!


Voting Rules:

You can't vot for your own

Give a reason why you are voting for the ones you chose

3 votes per person


Prizes: First, Second and Third will all get banners saying they won. Also, the first place winner(s) will write a collaberation one-shot with me to present to the rest of you!


One Shots are due July 1st at noon. Voting will go from July 1st at noon to July 4th at 9am (Canadian Moutnain Time)


Completed One-Shots

The Ultimate Survivor: By All Star  pg.3      8 Vote(s)

The Car Crash: By Lexi Volturi  pg.4            8 Vote(s)

Packed Under: By Hopelessly Devoted To Twilight  pg. 5    8 Vote(s)

The Island Escape: By Vampire Girl  pg.5      4 Vote(s)

The Plane Crash That Changed My Life: By Shana  pg.6    11 Vote(s)

Kidnapped:Finding A Way Out: By Nik-edward is my love  pg.7    10 Vote(s)

The Peril of the Skye:  By Sk and Bobina 156  pg.7    6 Vote(s)

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Sure guys!
You all did so well, it was so hard to choose! But here are my votes:

The Car Crash By Lexi Volturi--Your great writing took my breath away and I fell in love with the hearbreaking story

The Island Escape by Vampire girl---This was such a cute story because all the friends stuck together in such a hard time

The peril of the Sky by SK and Bobina156--this story was so new and unique that I had to vote for it!

Great Job everyone
Votes Counted. Thanks for voting
The car crash by Lexi volturi

The crash that changed my life by shana

The Ultimate Survivor by All_star
Love it!!!
Votes Counted. Thanks for voting.
Yes, you can vote for anyone's other than your own.
My votes:

The Peril of the Skye: By SK and Bobina 156
The Plane Crash That Changed My Life: By Shana
Kidnapped:Finding A Way Out: By Nik-edward is my love
Counted. Thanks for taking the time to vote.
The Ultimate Survivor (Because it's exciting to read and keeps you on the screen)
The Plane Crash That Changed My Life (Because it touches your heart at how they met and how they ended up, no wait, how they belonged together)
Kidnapped: Finding A Way Out (Just touching and interesting and it hit the wow factor that the other two had =])

Those are my votes =]
Counted. Thanks for voting.
my votes:

Kidnapped:Finding A Way Out: By Nik-edward is my love.
Packed Under: By Hopelessly Devoted To Twilight
The Plane Crash That Changed My Life: By Shana
(all 3 ff are gud.. i love it.. it is intersting an it has something that cant be descripted.. love it all)


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