The Twilight Saga


First Place: Awaken by Carmen E.
Second Place: Out of Sight, Out of Mind by Laugh A lot
Third Place: My World by Karen E. Teague

(Please Don't Take! The rightful banners will be given to the winners with their name displayed on it.)

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k :)
I'd like to nominate my story:

Paramour: An Unexpected Love

It's inspired by Twilight, but not a fanfic.

Author: Sophie
I think I deserve to win because I think I write pretty well for someone my age (14), and I'd love to share my story with a lot more people.
i vote for

myst an it was always you

by gonzalezy x
i luv this
I'd like to nominate my story

Title:Misinterpreted Love

Author: The Future Mrs. Cullen

I would like to win (get votes) because I think it is realy good considering my writing experiance ( isn't good) and would appriaite a few votes
r you voting for it also???
ya and i would like to vote 4 Paramour: an unexpected love

By Sophie
HOW MANY TIMES??? remember u have 3 votes and three votes only.
all 3 pls
I would like to vote for.....
Myst and It was always you
By Gonzalezy.........x

She is an awesome writer and is really encouraging about our story Inner Connection :D
Can i also nominate another story?..........
Out of sight, Out of mind
By laugh a lot x
Her story is great and is cleverly written!


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