The Twilight Saga


First Place: Awaken by Carmen E.
Second Place: Out of Sight, Out of Mind by Laugh A lot
Third Place: My World by Karen E. Teague

(Please Don't Take! The rightful banners will be given to the winners with their name displayed on it.)

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need more nominations!!!

The Werewolf Girl
You aren't going to nominate yourself? You can do that you know?
who, me????
Yes you
well, i don't have a finished story, i'm on chapter 4...and before you say anything i'm not lazy. the chapters are just long, really long. i had to start another discussion because i had no more room to post chapter 3.
Lol okay
I have a story that isn't finished either, yet I might enter :P
ur more than welcome to :)
"Out of sight, Out of Mind, we've been through this a thousand times. Turn your back and then you make me feel so crazy! Can you help me understand! And now you wish that you meant Something! And now you wish that you meant Something to somebody else."

lol You reminded me of the song "Something" by Escape The Fate
lol :P
haha i love that song ! :)
all 3 votes???? tell me so i can post them.
time is running...
u can't vote anymore, you understand that, right?


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