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Hello everyone!! Well, as wel all love to write/read I've decided to create a challenge for us to have some writing/reading fun!


You have to write a one shot story, but you have to chose one of these topics:



○  Well, mostly one-shots have between 5000-8000 words, so please, don't make really long stories. I won't be countng the words of each story but don't exceed the limit too much!


○ You can make stories with your OCs, but in this case you will have to give a short descriprion, at least of the main characters. If the characters are already known (Edward, Bella, Hermione, Harry, etc) you don't need to describe them at all.


○ You can add a banner/grphic to the story, but this is optional.


○ You can't make a one-shot about an already existing one, or a FanFiction, no matter it's yours or not.


○ You can make one-shots within these cathegories: Comedy, Tragedy, Romanticism, Teenage rebellion, Pregnancy (Adult or Teen ages are acceptable), Parodies, Sports, Family, etc. If you think of any other cathegory which could be acceptable let me know and I will add it to the list!


○ Stories must be under PG-16, but still, without breking the guidelines rules.


○ If you'd rather not to post the whole story here, you can post a link to the thread which contains it!


○ Have a LOT of fun!


Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be:


1st: Promotion and recommendation of any of your stories and a banner which claims you being a winner!


2nd: A posting of the link to your story in as many threads as possible as long as it's not breaking the rules.


3rd: A banner made by proffessionals for a story of yours tht is up to you to choose which one!

If you want to participate PM me and I will add your name and the name of your story to a list!!




♥*The Only Future Mrs. Barnes*♥

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Sign me up!!

One-shot means one chapter, right? Me haven't done this before but I'm bored :)
yes, kind of, it's like one chapter but it has to have an ending and a plot in the whole chapter :)
K. Thank you. I'll begin writing right now!
I'll do one I'll start right now :) Does it have a specific due date?

PS with the character descriptions do you mean a description seperate from the story or just have one within the story?
The finalizing date will be within August, not yet sure of the exact date.
Description can be whatever you want it to be like, just describe them for us, phisically and mostly desribe their personality , because they might be known by you but not to us, thats why maybe we can connect with them more if we know their situation and personality :)
Ok thank you I'll start on it now :)
One more Q (Lol) What if it's in a movie, but aren't really sure if enough people have seen it to understand it? Do you still need to add a description (The movie is Remember Me with Robert Pattinson in it)
I have seen it, it's amazing. You mean that you want to make your "Tyler Hawkins"drinking all the time and you know...having a hard lifeb because of family trouble which drives him to social problems and stuff??
Then I guess you should clarify "This character's personality is like Tyler Hawins' from "Remember Me". UNless you want him to actually be tyler hawkins... then you just have to name him, im sure people will know :)
Ummm... I was going to make an 'afterlife' for the rest of the characters, like what happened to them after what happened in the end of the movie, with Ally, and Caroline, and thier fathers, and everyone else.
Looks fun! Sign me up also! =D

I would love to do this. Sign me up please

OMG, this is soo old, I'm making a new one, I'll sign you up in that one, kay?
Can I sign up? Can I do a one shot on Katherine Perice from The Vampire Diares. ( the one in the tv show) I`ll get u the link ASAP!


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