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Hello everyone!! Well, as we all love to write/read I've decided to create a challenge for us to have some writing/reading fun!


You have to write a one shot story, but you have to chose one of these topics:




○  Well, mostly one-shots have between 5000-8000 words, so please, don't make really long stories. I won't be countng the words of each story but don't exceed the limit too much!


○ You can make stories with your OCs, but in this case you will have to give a short descriprion, at least of the main characters. If the characters are already known (Edward, Bella, Hermione, Harry, etc) you don't need to describe them at all.


○ You can add a banner/grphic to the story, but this is optional.


○ You can't make a one-shot about an already existing one, or a FanFiction, no matter it's yours or not.


○ You can make one-shots within these cathegories: Comedy, Tragedy, Romanticism, Teenage rebellion, Pregnancy (Adult or Teen ages are acceptable), Parodies, Sports, Family, etc. If you think of any other cathegory which could be acceptable let me know and I will add it to the list!


○ Stories must be under PG-16 and can have sexual themes, but still, without breking the guidelines rules.


○ If you'd rather not to post the whole story here, you can post a link to the thread which contains it! (Even though it can't be an already existing story, it must be written for this challenge particularly, NO EXCEPTIONS)


○ Have a LOT of fun!


DEADLINE IS ON OCTOBER 13th. It's two months away, so you have plenty of time, but in case you need a few more days or a week, I can make a couple of exceptions. BUT NOT FOR EVERYONE, so please try to participate before time is up!


Anyone can vote for the one-shot they liked the best, but they can only vote once, so choose well!  You can vote from now till October 20th, and I will choose the three winners by counting how many votes they got 


Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be:


1st: Promotion and recommendation of any of your stories and a banner for any story you want, made with professional Photoshop CS5 extended!


2nd: A posting of the link to your story in as many threads as possible as long as it's not breaking the rules.


3rd: A banner made by proffessionals for a story of yours tht is up to you to choose which one!

If you want to participate PM me and I will add your name and the name of your story to a list!!



LIST OF PARTICIPANTS: ( And the link to their stories)


♥- Alexis B - The Battle Never Ends 

♥- Alice Cullen Kingsley

♥-♥*Thɛ σηε & oηℓy: Mяs. βαяηεs*♥

♥- DaughterofNyx  

♥- SpeallCaster Cole Brown 

♥- Bleeding Eyes that LoVe

♥- Warriors of my Dreams

♥- ♫Cђг๓คtคღ

♥- Georgie Cullen


♥- I Love You -

♥- Such a beautiful thing... -

♥- It All Ends Fast -

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You Left Your Heart with Me - Georgie Lautner

I wish I could do this again!!
omg you can!
i want to do it again too!!!!!!
i hope the deadline is when you can still enter stuff, and not when voting starts
Today is officially deadline but I entered your fanfiction, it's partifipating so don't worry. Pleeeease, could you get people to vote? It would be awesome :) I mean, your TTS friends or something :) thanks!
Hope that science fiction is ok.
anything is okay :)
I sent a message to everbody to come vote
If the link doesn't work let me know and i'll send you the story in a message.
When will winners be announced...well i mean there has to be votes obviously, but still...


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