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Writer's Awards/Competitions


Writer's Awards/Competitions

Make your own thrilling writing competition! Nominate and vote for your favorite writers! I made this group to inspire others and award them for their dedication. Any story you write in here you can use for whatever you want in the future. Have fun!

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Group Understanding/Admin notes

Introduction: by Kazé

Hey everybody! First off, just so no confusion happens, I'm a guy. Okay, now let's move on. You're probably all familiar with the fanfiction awards? Well this one is for all writers, young and old! All the rules that apply to this site applies to this group as well so keep it nice around here! If you are unsure of something, ask before posting it. I hope you have a great and fun experience in here! ^_^

Okay, let me explain how the Competitions work. I'm a pretty busy guy in real life, so I probably won't be hosting any more competitions until I know I have the time to read every story. I'm not online to much either so I gave owner rights to my trusty Admin Amanda! If you got any questions, she's the gal you want to see. Now, competitions work as followed. Whatever the category of the competition, whatever details/rules, must be followed. All entry's must be something completely new and original, something you wrote specifically for the competition and nothing else. There are Fanfic and nonFanfic Competitions. For both, the story must be made just for the competition. No past stories you made on your own time. You must follow the rules of the host/hostess. Hosts may choose if they would like more judges to help them decide on the winners. That's pretty much it for the competitions.

For awards: You pretty much can do the same thing you did in the Fanfic Awards. Make a discussion, choose the category, etc etc... here you may submit your own originals that you write on your own. If you want, you can submit past entries for awards and competitions. Basically, if you wrote a story for a competition that you think can win the award, go ahead and enter it in! It can be for both writers, and fanfic writers. As for what the actual award is, be creative. It could be a free banner, a story written just for you, a gift certificate to PF Chang's! Go crazy!

Hmmm....what else? Oh yeah! Below is a new rating system to help make things more organized and fairer. You don't have to be part of it if you don't want to, but I encourage that you do as it will help you as a writer and make things run smoothly around here!

I would like to thank everyone for joining this group, without you guys being active and helping to start this group, it never would be how it is today, so I thank you! ^_^





Group leader/owner:




Sparkling City lights



- Taylor

- Tika


- Nina Rose

- Joanna

- Sparkles

- Ruthie

- brittney


- Chestnut Roasting Dreamer

- CauseI'mAHarryPotterFreak

- SK

- Shadow Bluestar Tonks Black

- PoisonedByMusic

- Luna

- Mieke

- All star

- Kazé

- Nicole

- Jojo

- Amanda-->


Read below in the section titled "Rankings" to learn more about how you can be leveled and what it's all about. Any more questions, go ahead and comment on the Q&A! :D

*If you do not see your name up here and you know that we've given you a score, please let us know so that we can get your name up there. We're only human and sometimes we forget.


Official Group Banner:

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sparkly gummi bears pic



hi it's sparkly i made this for the group :)


News as of 12/23/10 @ 8:32 PM pacific time:


We're now starting a new "rating" activity. You submit a writing piece and then Sparkles, Amanda, and Kaze will decide whether you're rated as expert, intermediate, or beginner. Expert being the highest level, beginner being the lowest.


From now on your fellow writers will be ranked based on their level of writing abilities. It ranges from Beginner to Expert. Below are descriptions of each category. Remember, not all of these comments may apply to you, this is just a generalization. The judges will let you know what you need to fix in your story.


Beginner: Your writing is good, but it isn't great yet. You may need to work on expanding your vocabulary, your sentence structure, or your grammar needs to be fixed. The story is evident, but it isn't structured enough to have the greater impact on the reader as desired. Try to write in between the lines, keep your reader attached to the story, and give more emotion in it! You can greatly improve on your writing. You may have a great story idea, but it isn't too developed yet. Work on it a bit more.


Intermediate: Great job! You're in between expert and beginner, work harder and you'll achieve great heights. You might want to work a bit more on your word choice. Give the reader more of a purpose to your story. Involve a connection between your story and the reader, really make them feel like they're in the story. A great writer can say a lot about a little bit, so expand on your details but not too much where it becomes overwhelming. Try to connect more aspects of your story together so that everything ties in and no questions are left unanswered, but some of the best story's leave us with the best questions. It all depends on what you, as the writer, are intending to leave on the reader. Overall, you have great structure in your story and it is strong but not quite there yet. Keep working at it.


Expert: This is the highest level you can rise to in this group, but be aware that just because you have gotten here doesn't mean you can't keep learning.You will always learn more as you go on in life whether it be writing, love, social skills, or anything else in life(something to remember throughout life). If you're an expert you probably have great word choice, very descriptive imagery, striking metaphors, and amazing structure in your story. Keep in mind that you don't want to have too much detail or it'll drown the reader and you might lose your audience. Omit some details, let your reader infer some of the things that happen. Keep your story enticing but mysterious at the same time. Suspense will really keep your reader hooked, but give them a treat sometimes.


This is the basic criteria and guide to ranking your peers and yourselves. I want to clear some things up though. This was created not to point the bad from the good, but to improve all people in this group who love to write. Always strive to get better in whatever you do. Also, different genres of writing mean different levels per individual. For example, someone may be great at writing short story's, but they may not be too strong in writing poetry, so as a poet they are ranked as a beginner but as a story writer they are ranked expert. Competitions will be ranked based on their level of difficulty. What you are ranked is only to make things more organized and help people improve in their writing.


Once we have enough people who are ranked we will start the competitions being leveled appropriately so it is fair for everyone. That's the basic of this new format. If you have any further questions please consult any of the admins or post your question in the "Q&A" discussion and we'll get to it as soon as possible. We hope everyone participates in this event and that you all have a fun time doing it while improving because that's what is most important and what we strive to do in this group. Thank you for you're cooperation and for being part of this fantastic group. Have a great time ^_^

Snaps for Sparkles for coming up with this amazing idea!


Admin Amanda-->


  Creator Kazé




Sorry for getting these up so late! Congrats everyone!


Most supportive to writers:

1st place: SK & Lexi Volturi

2nd Place: Amanda--> & The Quellster

3rd place: Charlotte

Most improved:

1st place: Shadow

2nd place: Sparkles

3rd place: Mieke

Best ideas:

1st place: Bobina156

2nd place: Shana

3rd place: Lexi Volturi

Best poems:

1st place: Luna

2nd place: Shadow

Best one shot:

1st place: SK

2nd place: All star

3rd place: Luna 

Best advice giver:

1st place: SK

2nd place: Amanda-->

3rd place: Sparkles & Poisoned By Music

Best character creator:

1st place: RussetWolfLuv

2nd place: All star

3rd place: Angel

Best plot:

1st place: RussetWolfLuv

2nd place: Shana

3rd place: The Quellster

Highest level of vocabulary:

1st place: SK

2nd place: Kaze

3rd place: ChesnutRoasting[Dreamer]

Most descriptive:

1st place: RussetWolfLuv

2nd place: Gianna Black

3rd place: Shadow

Most emotional:

1st place: Shana

2nd place: Lexi Volturi

3rd place: Luna


Admin Amanda-->




I just thought that I'd put down an inspirational quote today to keep you all going. This is one of my favorite quotes and I think that everyone should live by this quote.


Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. :)

-Dr. Seuss

Admin Amanda-->

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