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I was just wondering about this when i was answering another discussion. . . . Why didn't Bella pick Jacob over Edward Cullen? ? ? ? ? Can't she see that he is sexier LOL.

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LOL.... if only I was 16 again.....I never understood that either. It might have been his age or the fact she thought of him as a brother....
lolz well he wasn't very sexy in the book remember??? it was probably cuz she suffered every time she was away from edward and that she knew that she couldn't be with both all the time
if you put ur self bella's place u'll understand that jake's a brother to her she can't feel more than that towards him ... Edward made her suffer but she loved him she really loved him & the one who loves truely can't prefer anyone on the someone who he loved ... at eclipse she knew that jacob is better than edward --better for her-- but she couldn't forget her true love to edward that's why she didn't pick jacob ... and if i were her i would pick edward .... but um not her so i'm sooo team jacob ;) :D
She choose Edward over Jacob because he is her true love. And in like real life their getting married. I would have choose him too!
The person playing him might be but in the book they describe Edward as being "sexier".
Just think about it i mean how would you feel if the love of your life hurt you and came back but you love your best friend even if you love your best friend the your true love is here to get rid of your pain alsoto love you no matter what
i think that bella made a really bad decision. jacob is so much hotter and way more sexier thatn jacob! and i think that she knows that he is more of a brother to her than a lover. heck, she don't want him, i will take him!!! :~)


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