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I think so. I sure hope so. hahaha
Why? you think so?
Not no more! Good times good times... hah jk!
No but i think he is because hes such a good boy, and and he's shy and doesnt seem like the type who has done that yet
Why you think like that?
Think like what?
Nvm, forgot it,.. thx for your answer,...
i think he might still be a virgin. my friends say he has a gay voice but i tell them their wrong. he just has a virgin voice. from my experiance i've noticed that guys that tend to have a nerdy voice are usually virgins. just look at Kevin Jonas. he already had his honeymoon so hopefully his voice deepens within time.
idk but i want to kno
I think he is , wel I hope soo
Im gonna say he is, he seems like the good kid, and theres nothing wrong with him being a virgin if he is one.
i think he is just cuz he too good not to be


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