The Twilight Saga

By Patricia

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yes but then again id wanna be a
Totally agree with yu there
yes n no. yes because u get the speed, strength and ability to live forever. No because then i wouldn't be able to have a guy like jacob.
no!!!!!! what about jacob
No I'd rather become a wolf with jacob.
me too!!
Yes, Werewolf with Jacob!
nope!! I would want 2 be a werewolf like leah XD <3
Yes i would, i would want to be with my love. and Bella and Jacob dont really have feelings for each other its Renessme and Jacob that do. So Bella and Jacob will be in each others lives no matter what. But if it was not possible to be a vampire with Edward i would so be with Jacob, damn he is fine
i would not want to be a vampire because i would not want to suck people's blood. ew! but i would want to live forever. it can go both ways.
yes but maybe wen i was 24


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