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Does anyone know how to contact Taylor Lautner? I really really wanna like write a letter to him or something!!! Has anyone ever contacted him?

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i wonna contact him, but..... how
i wish i knew
We need to find out how to contact him
maybe he has a facebook or twitter or something.
i dont think u can. . .except i believe he has a twitter. idk bout facebook.
i think we should all ban together and work super hard and try to find out!
lets al follow this discussion and work together to find out how
i tried that already =[
he has a twitter account from what I heard.
mi sister is fru=iends with taylor swift on mispace. i can have her see if taylor hea a myspace

and yes itz the real taylor swift no one knows how to get pics from her computer do they????????
I guess you try those magazines like M and Popstar and see if they have his fan mail inbox adress! I think I have a old issue that has that adress... I'll try to find it and give it to ya'll

Taylor Lautner
Management 360
9111 Wilshire blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA, 90210


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