The Twilight Saga

so if you saw new you remember jake speaking, quilette(is that how u spell it?) to bella, when he was about, to kiss her? well i was just wondering, what do you guys think he said?
i'm guessing, he said i love you or something like.........ur beautiful. a/n i thaught, it was so sweet.
but then again, u guys may not have catched it, cuz my friend didn't.

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i think so. lol.
I heard it, there was alot of talk about this last night on FB, i think it was some thing like i love you.
NO but that sounds super sexy
lolz yeah it does
he says "kwop kilawtley" which means...get this..."stay with me forever". isn't that the most perfect, beautiful thing you've ever heard? my heart almost stopped when i found out what it means. i was SOOO hoping that it wouldn't be something lame like "i love you". that's just not powerful or original enough. but "stay with me forever is PERFECT
omg!, that is the sweetest thing ever:)
and yeah, i luv u would've been lame.


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