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The Truth is......I dont think they should date!
I love Selena but I just think they are to different people! And sure they say oppisites attract.......But Still!
I just dont like them together........but what happends happends.
And for now they are together.But thats just my opinion:)

They are dating and know one can stop them:)

-Smiles- Maybe he will date me:)

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Like i said maybe he will date me:)-Smiles-
Ya totally! ur right! they dont go 2gether and idk... it just doesnt seem right or something. idk.... i just think they shouldnt.
i dont think thaey go togeter she is like a skater styled girl and he is just a cute lovable person
Your right!
i think totally different, I think they look so cute together!!!
Yea.But idk.I guess its her image.Shes scaterish and wild.
Hes so much like a teddybear that sometimes has a sorta wild side thats fun!:)
i dont agree i think they make a perfect couple..n their personalites arent really that differant.. i mean in my opinion i think they would be really great together.
I totally agreed with you ;)
exactly what i said!
your soo right he dont need to be with him!!!!
well, if they're a cute couple or not, let the kid be happy, eh?

even though i wish he would come to brazil and date me *-*

and we are the same age
couldn't it be more perfect? [it's rethorical question, please HAHAHA]


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