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Does anyone get mad when people say that Taylor is hot? Because to me Taylor is wayy more than hot, and abs. He's absolutly georgous, like an angel from heaven.

And plus he's not just a body, he has a personality too!

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yeah but he's more than just a pretty face and abs, he's got a great personality too
there are simply NO words to describe that level of perfection...FULL PACKAGE!! personality...body...eyes..zzz
totallly hot!
not only does he have a great personality but he has MAJOR talent! i mean, even that tiny role in twilight, he rocked! from those three scenes, I was able to picture him as jacob through out all the books. (i saw twilight before i read it, long story)
I get mad when people only like him because he has a gorgeous body. I mean, I love his gorgeous body, too. but some people think that's the only reason he's hot. He's a great actor and a great person. That's why people should like him.
taylor seems like perfection to me lol..he is hot and he's got a great personality aswell


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