The Twilight Saga

jacob or taulor u like more..?
for fairirs loves

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i like and the two....
b-o-t-h I heart both of them DUH (lol) who wouldn't!
Taylor bcuz in the movie he has long hair and its really ugly ;)
HARD choice..... uh BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taylor!!! <3
iiiii think ii prefer taylor iiii don't like how he llooooks with a wig as jacob though he is gonna cut his hair.... iiii think taylor is more hot.....and friendly
oh that is hard how bout both =]
both!!!but taylor is so hot and secci
i love u taylor
i like 'em both, but i would say TAYLOR.
i kinda like jacob more i always had a thing for indans :)


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