The Twilight Saga

I wish be like him



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bazillion ab muscles me likey
OH yes that is some on point abs i like that a lot
OMG you guys can't do that to me!!! Taylor Lautner is like THE hottest person ever!!!
o i on he is so hot heres my question how can someone get that Hot ??
exactly!!!! there's like no words to describe him, he's like so gorgeous!!!!
Its not a 6 its an 8 pack which is better haha.
that's what me and my bestie keep saying
omg ur 1 of the only ppl outside of my friends that knows that its an 8 pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bet it took a lot of hard work to get those abs. He mentioned that he ate meat patties non-stop to load carbs. And here I try to cut the carbs!!!!
more liiiike 10 pack
i wish it were. hahaha but i think u can only go up to 8 as the highest. and hes the sexiest, hottest man ever to walk this earth. not just his abs but evrything about him.
Yeah I know I dont know why she said 6 when its an 8 I wish it was 10...


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