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now that is just disgusting who cares if u don't lik him just don't put it out there!!! not right at all is right!!!!!
These are very disgusting and hateful people, why are they allowed to even have a HATE Group like that on this site???? What can we do about it, who should be contacted??? Do you guys want to do something?
is this an anit edward group or noi.....
i don't hate edward at all. this group is focusing on the stars not the characters. i love tay but think rob is hideous as rob. i love edward and like jacob. edward isn't synonymous with rob.
I dont care if theres an anti taylor lautner group because, they are SOO outnumbered. Probably by thousands. and when they wanna pick a fight, then they are going to die because Taylor Lautner fan girls will not put up with that crap.
bravo! you're right
I sooooo agree!
OMJBTL!!!!!! That's not right! that's just wrong! how can someone hate that beautigul, sensitive, hot-mazing, shy guy that we call "Taylor Lautner."
did you just say oh my justin bieber taylor lautner
No, OMJBTL means "Oh My Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner." But Justine Bieber works, too. haha
omg people who are anti-tay are repulsive. they're in the same category as people who think orange is the new pink.


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