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just when taylor thought his life couldn't get any more weird.....listen to this!.

Recently, Lautner was taken aback on the Pittsburgh sets of his new movie ‘Abduction’ when some gals tried to drag him inside a portable toilet. The actor was passing the porta-potty when he heard some female shrieks. Stopping and knocking at the door, he enquired if they were okay. But the next moment, the door flew open and some giggling girls caught hold of him and attempted to drag him inside chanting the mantra ‘We love you, Taylor! We just want to talk to you!’ case you're wondering what happened afterwards, his bodyguards rescued him......
i just thought i'd share


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wow! poor tay tay!!
Awwww..poor Taylor :( he's mabye too scared to go anywhere now lol i know i would be too lol
...jeez u girls are crazy.. hope they aressted the fanatiac fans..
really people that is a little crazy
wow i cant imagine how his life is right now i mean i can understand what those girls were thinking i mean who would not love him but im different because if i ever saw him i wouldnt do anything but just stand there and watch the rest of the girls scream and chase after him
hahahhahaha omg funny :P
♥: Err....No, It's Really NOT funny. He coulda got know....but anyway....just because they said ""Oh, tee hee we just wanna talk to you Taylor.!! Tee HEee"" is NOT what they meant. you and i BOTH know that.

Man thats crazy.

I think I'll settle for just dreaming about him once in awhile!
i'm sure he's fine.


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