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so i heard a rumor that taylor cant date until he is 18! is that true? wow that would suck when you are as hot as him and you cant even date! does anyone know if that is true?

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lol, it's not. He's had girlfriends publicly in the past. I think it may have started out as truth, then he either didn't listen or his parents dropped it, either way, he does date.
no his parents wont let him date he did have a girlfriend in the past
it says in j-14
o haha ok! thank you guys for answerin my question! haha i was really curious!
yeah i heard that 2 but i'm not sure if it's true or not, its bcos his parents are really strict of sumthing, god knows!
that is not true ever since he became real famous his dad said he cant date till hes 28! thats not fair he had a ex-girlfriend named sara hicks, but hes not really dating like bf and gf jus like friends i heard
taylor cnt date till hes 28 is a rumor bt hes nt dating no 1
iiiii think this is true his dad said soo.....!!!!!!
its reallly sad but eventhough his stillll hot!!!!!!
He said on the ET exclusive like 2 days ago that the rumors that he can't date aren't true but he is single.

I'm sure right now, being as he's filming, he doesn't have any time to meet anyone, even if he wanted to.
on et(and if you dont know what that is dont ask) he said that hes wasnt dating anyone
i don't think it's tru, but if it is, i heard 28, not 18.

and yeah, i heard that in j14.
i thot he said 28 years not 18 0.o


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