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who do u think Taylor Lautner should date?(except u!!!)

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ME! LOL =]
Only joking . . . I'm not sure!!
Selena Gomez I would say; they looked so cute in those pics . . .
good joke!!!
Selena cuz they look the cutest together:)
i agree!!!
I don't like Selena or the couple she makes with Taylor...he can do better xD
i dont think so.....
I LOVE Taylor and Taylor together. But Selena and Taylor look SOOOOO cute in pics. So, IDK, but who is Victoria?? As in the Bad Vamp Victoria??
Definally Selena. No doubt about it. I love the idea of them getting together. =D
ur talking bout victoria justis right well i say watever one he likes best out of the three
Crap Excpet someone named u Well Um UM um um um um um Huh Huh Huh um um um um um um um um um um um Kristen stwert as Bella in new moon There we go and than ME my name is SOOOOOOO not u HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHa


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