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Ok is preaty easy, I do a question about Taylor, the person who responds make another and so on...
Is funny and helps to know better to our lovely Taylor ; )

k first question, very easy to start:

1. What is the real name of Taylor?

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how could we know that? lol...
(but i would like to know....)
that would be a very good thing lol
pff, no way.
He'd just never tell.
A: Taylor Daniel Lautner
what is Taylor's younger sisters name?
A.Makena Lautner

Q.When filming Twilight, Taylor said that the worst thing about filming was...?
A:taylor daniel lautner
Q:what was his first acting gig?
a. taylor daniel lautner
q. what did he do before acting?
A. He was a martial arts champion.
Q. What cartoons did he do voice overs for?
A: It wasn't a movie? My Own Worst Enemy, television series.
Q: In what year did he make an appearance on the television series 'Summerland'?
HEY!! Nobody answered my question!!! And you guys are doing it wrong!!!You don't answer the question that was made by the creator of the discussion but the last question that was asked!!!You only get the priveledge of asking a question when you answer one! Soo my question is:
Q.When filming Twilight, Taylor said the worst thing about filming was...?
the wig now shut up


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