The Twilight Saga

Ok is preaty easy, I do a question about Taylor, the person who responds make another and so on...
Is funny and helps to know better to our lovely Taylor ; )

k first question, very easy to start:

1. What is the real name of Taylor?

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1. A: Taylor Daniel Lautner

2. Q: When is his birthday?
ok a hint for the people with bad memory ;p

is in 0_ - 1_
February 11 1992

3. Q: Who's music video was he in?
"Caught Up In You" by Cassi Thomson

4. What is his favorite flavor of ice cream?

maybe you want to see the video, right girls!
Hey girls sing for Taylor ;)

Taylors soo hot!!
i liked it.. but not on the last part..haha!
in 11 february
Cake batter

5. What High school did he go to?
Valencia High School in California

6. what is his favorite TV show?!?

7. Pet's name?


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