The Twilight Saga

there is some gossip about taylor and selena spotted in vancouver and probably dating.....
it is supposed that selena is making a new movie in vancouver called ramona and beezus
and according to lainey's gossip they've had dinner 3 times now, and that he’s been visiting her onset at her lunch hour when he’s not shooting.Selena’s mom and a beefy bodyguard took on the duty of chaperoning the young pair. could this be true if his dad doesn't let him date??????
welll dating or not he will always be a hottie.......!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope itz true cuz Selena & Taylor matches <3 ;)
welll your right they both make a nic couple.......!!!!!!!
i hope itz NOT true, cause he's mine. :)
I love the pair! They look great together!
I think that it could be true... He said so himself on numerous occasions that he dates. This isn't the first time I've seen footage of him and selena together. On youtube there is a video of Taylor meeting Selena at the airport.

I really like the couple.
But when I first heard it, I almost threw something at my sister.
Hopefully she doesn't break his heart, for someone else.
thats what i hope (i did the exact same thing)
Oh i so hope not!!!!I mean i like them both, but she already dated nick jonas
does she NEED to have this hottie too?????
Something interesting I found out yesterday...
Taylor has probably liked Selena for a few months, even when Selena was going out with one of the Jonas brothers. Because yesterday when I was listening to a radio interview that Taylor did with Ryan Seacrest in Nov 2008, Taylor said that Selena Gomez was 'cute.' So now that Selena is single, Taylor is moving in!!
I think they are SO CUTE together <3 Gosh, if they ever had kids they would be the most gorgeous creatures on the face of the planet.
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