The Twilight Saga

Well all Twi-hards know that Lainey Gossip is the main source for new moon pictures and goss right.
well i was just browsing through taylor lautner pics..and what do i come up on..


apparently..she and he have been on 3 dinner dates..
and he visits her on set..while the lunch hour...when hes not shooting???...

she arrived in vancouver last week to start filming a movie??not sure what its called...

heres the site with pictures??

tell mee what you think??

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WHAT!!!!! HE'S MINE!!!!!
any one but hers!!!....dont wanna be negative....but theres something about her that i dont like???
i think the same thing theres something about her i dont like
something but i just cant seem to pick it out???...maybe because shes a try hard??...or not
.........On Entertanment Tonight he said he was a single man.
So my opinion is.....Nahh. lol.
At least I hope not!
yeah!!..thats exactly what i thought....but then...then i read the Lainey Gossip blog..and theres pictures... someone leaving??which seems to look like Selena??and the Taylor Coming out After her??
confusing...the pictures..are in the site above!!
he said he was single but hes dating selena
and dating and girlfriend r 2 differnt things so he wasnt lieing
but they still shouldnt be dating
Love the pair, I hope they are dating, they are so cute together!!!!!
They are....but......i dont know why???
ummmm thats a hell no
selena and taylor, they dont even look cute together
(which is hard 2 do cause he is the cutest guy ever)
I KNOW look at the pictures shes hidios in every shot and he's just so sexy!!!! its weird to see to polar opposites like that.


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