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hey guys.... i think that talor is really hot but i think that robs hair is just discusting. To me he looks like a hobo in real life! As a vamp. he looks fine, but out in publics he is in need of a serius haircut.
What do you guys think?
p.s i found this vid on youtube...check it out
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he does look like hobo in person
ya totally! when he goes places his hair is like an afro! ew!
yah, really. i think he looks girly in the movie. why don't stars shave? they look better clean. that's why rob looks like a hobo, and i have hobophobia.
i hate his hair so much, its gross!
I totally agree with you. I think robert would look so good if he cuts his hair or something and he does look digusting because he never combs his hair :S
OMG of coure jacob (Taylor Laugtner) is hotter in soo many ways like his personallitie and every thing i am sure edward (Robert pattison) is cool to but he is so ULGY he could get a job on the ugly betty series.

Why dose every one think edward is hot?! hes way not
meh, rob's hair looks kinda crappy sometimes but i unno it used to bother a lot, now he doesn't seem to bother me very much. but i have to agree he does look like a hobo sometimes ;P
I agrree with u Rob looks like a HOBO!!!
on Opra rob said that he didn't shower.....yuck
i heard he DOESNT wash his damn hair!!!!
He really should think about cutting his hair. It looks horrible!


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