The Twilight Saga

here's mine

" he's like a drug to you bella i can see that you can't live without him. but i could be healthier for you not a drug. i can be your sun i balance the clouds i handle but ican't fight with an eclipse " - eclipse

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oh i've got one it is from breaking dawn when they talking 'bout bella being preggy

" so what's the point of me loving you, and you loving him huh bella?'re killing him, not that i cared about, but what's the point of your twisted love story when you die, because honestly i can't see it..."- jacob black
Hahaha, me too :)
me too :D
i like when he says next time you want to hurt me,use a crowbar or baseball bat.
my other favorite line from him is Sorry, I don't have any leeches on my speed dial.
-I love that one too :D
"Oh, he'll tell you anyway, so I might as well....I was growing my hair out because ... it seemed like you liked it better long."eclipse.
"he left you bella. he didn't want you anymore"new moon
"do i get points for making you cry."eclipse.
"don't worry, bella, honey. It's all going to work out."eclipse.
"The clouds I can handle but I can't fight with an eclipse."
Shut up Seth
it not all jakes " food. in. my. HAIR." "that did it "
i'll come back with a list!


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