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i would faint but probably not if we were together for a long time i also would scream jump up and down shout to the world that im becoming Mrs. Launter
but i duobt it because he has selena and im only 12 but still
same here

you are right i would do the same thing except its realy hard to doubt it cause if your a real taylor .l fan than you always belive that hes gonna marry you

I would probably be shocked. Then I would say "yes. Next shout it to the world. I would be Ms.Lautner and be happy to be with him not because he has money. But that the fact tha he is a sweet, nice, intelligent,and gentlemen guy. Also knows how to treat a lady. He does look good. Dont get me wrong. But its all about wats on the inside.
i agree
Well that has been my absolute dream since i first saw him. So i would probably faint, and then get back up and scream HELLL YESSSS!!! And then start crying! Then i would rub it in all my friends faces that i will be marrying the hottest, most amazing guy that ever walked the face of the Earth. So yeah :)
me too but i wouldnt faint and it would never happien thought because am 11
i agree but w/o the fainting part (maybe). but hes 4 yrs older than me so it probly wud never happen. but my dream is to meet him
i wud o fcorse say yes. i mean i ve never met him in person but i already know TONS about him. and i wud b so happy cuz hes both hot and sweet (and no he isnt gay.)
I'd say yes daaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
i would fling into his arms and shout "YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS"
i think every fan of his would


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