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If i had him all to myself I would kiss him all over his sexy body.
totally even though he's like 6yrs older than me who cares
I woulds hope 2 god that he will kiss me and ask me 2 b gfriend 4ever until i was old enough 4 him 2 marry me lik i wish that we were havin a conversation and at some point he likd me so much that he kissed me and never stopped! GOD I WISH THAT COULD HAPPEN I MEAN HES SO FREAKIN HOT!
i would tell him about myself then ask about him self then get an autograph and a pic then go to the set of breaking dawn then trip over a wire on purpose on to him then kiss him then he would ask me out on a date then he would ask me out and we would get married and have one girl named alice and one boy named jacob and have one cat named jalice and a dog named embry
Get an autograph and picture with him and spend the day with him and my best friend doing fun stuff like laser tag and I live right by HersheyPark.
i agree
if i had Taylor all to myself i would kiss, hug, and love him forever!!!!!
make out
i would fall on purpose just so he can help me up and when he is close to me i would kiss him
I would treat him like a normal person. hang out with him,play video games, take pics,and get an autograph. And have fun. Also, be his bestie or GF. He is awesome.


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