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i agree
i would want to talk to him and get to know him first, THAN comes the action :DDD
If I had Taylor to myself...First of all I would be screaming in my head! lol!!!....then I would take a few pictures. I'd request on going to the beach (I love the beach) then I wouldn't care what we did after...if he wanted to go on rollercoasters all day.... Fine....Paint all day....Fine....movies all long as I was w/him (Sighs Deeply)
Idk I would probably scream for the first few minutes then I would take him to the movies to see Eclipse.
Umm wow that is a toughy since I am married I would just hang out with him and talk lol yeah but if I could forget for a sec then I would ravage his hot body of course why would he want to be with a out of shape 33 yr old lol anyways still a thought he is always it seems in my dreams and fantasies hehe
Ummm too naughty to post on here =P
I would be screamin in my head lol. Next, hang out with and take pics. Also hug him. I would just hang out with him and talk. Maybe even play sports, video games, go to the gym,rollercoasters. Make me no difference. As long as we hang out and have fun.
i would tell you but it is rate R lolz
Alexa: No kidding..same ;)
i would pray 2 God that he would ask me 2 marry him and he would kiss me like there is no 2morrow
if i had him, i would never let him go


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