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If i had TAYLOR all to myself there are no words in the world on what i would do to him.
if he would select me, I would be the lucki woman of the world, my dear have he always
lol,some of these replies are sooo funny!But if I could have Mr.To-Sexy-For-My-Shirt all to MYSELF?!THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!I'd probally scream is disbeleif for,like,20min.Then(after I recovered from my histeria)we'd probally go for something to eat(I hear he likes mexican),and afterwards he'd drive me home(hopefully my dad won't be waiting with a shotgun)he'll walk me to the porch,and when he's least expecting it...i'll reach up and give him the kiss of a liftime!:D*sigh*
OMG,I change my mind,.after we ate something i'd take him to the beach,so that he'd get hot(hotter than he already is)and take of his shirt!OMG!!!It's,like,can you imagine?Well..actually I already have.It's like every time I just thing about him(much less look at one of my posters)My breathing gets faster and my heart pumps harder.I know ALOT of girls love him,but theres NO WAY RPattz can compare to the one and only Taylor Lautner.;)
Alexa: Oh the things I would :D
that's quite a question but I think i would spend time with him for awhile and just hang ask him what his likes and dislikes are among other things and then possibly ravish him.Lol
damn, if ihad to him to myself...we gunna have fun >:D
Right !?!! And beforee i even hold his hand in 'that way' I would bee his best friend first then kiss him like he was my husband . And he will be ladies ..


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