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i would act cool cuz i heard starz like that!!!

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I would just go up to him and get him to autograf a piture or my arm or somthing and get a picture all acting cool
i would act all cool. and try to talk to him, and after that get a picture with him
i would probably scream 2 get the energy out of my before i met him so i could act all chilled out and stuff
i just met peter facinelli and it was REALLY hard not 2 scream!
be my dorky self:) he likes that!
I would TRY to not scream. Then I'd get him to autograph new moon. first id have to buy that book tho :) then id take many, many pics
i would pretend to be texting but really take a picture and then maybe have him sign my phone =P
i would just ask him for his autograh and pic he is cute!
OMG~i would so b jumping up and down lyk crazy untill i passed out(cuz duh,it's Taylor freak'n Lautner) but when i pass-out i'll totally fall in his arms or fall and touch some part of him. (cuz really who really get's 2 touch him) and then i'll wake-up screaming hoping that he's not there.(that would b a totally akward moment)~lol:D
i would try to keep my cool and ask him to autograph a pic of him for me.i would also ask him to pose for a pic with me.


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