The Twilight Saga

people shouldnt just like only taylor . i really mean it

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Jacob of course, lol..
Jacob duh were in the Taylor fan club i think Jacob will show up the most!
same here i mean alice is just soo cool cause she can kick butt but jacob hes sooooo hot !!!!
Alice & Edward
Jacob and SETH!!!!! i freakin LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!
seth i hope will be really cute i mean have u seen who's playin him in the movie??? damn!!!!!!!!
my favorite chacter is Edward Cullen
jacob emmet and alice
but i love jacob the most
hes perfect
i wish he was real!!!! =[
emmett and jacob!!!! the both r so funny and hot!!!!
Jasper, Jacob, Edward and Seth !! lol
Definately Jacob, duh!! But my second favorite character is Edward. Then Alice.
Jacob... and a buncha other guyzz


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