The Twilight Saga

people shouldnt just like only taylor . i really mean it

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jake and alice. oh and the wolf pack except sam.
sam ugh!!!!! hes like....... soooo.......bossy and mean towards bella in the last book and the third
i luv his six pack!!!!!;)
JACOB 4EVER!!!!!!!
Jacob Black, Paul Lahote, Leah Clearwater, and Angela Webber are my favorites.

Jacob. lol


but I also love the rest of the wolf pack as well as Emmett, Carlisle, and Victoria.


Because he is so hot

Emmett: because he's hot

Jasper: because he's hot

Carlisle: because he rebels against his nature to save human lives

Alice: because she can see the future

Seth: because he is so sweet and nice


Then  Alice!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so Pretty


Mine are Jacob,Emmett,Seth,and Carlisle because they are so good
I think Taylor Lautner is awesome actor in all twilight movies. Carol "IceWolf" LeComte


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