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people shouldnt just like only taylor . i really mean it

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actually i'm glad they did, i didn't think they'd make a good match
yah but tay and selena not a good match ethier
i love them all(well the good ones at least) but there's things i don't like about them too. i like :
edward- for how much he loves bella and for being perfect
bella-she's the main character, how could you not like her
jacob-he's the greatest friend ever, is sooo good to bella and then renesmee, i love his sarcasm
carlisle-he's just so good
esme-she's sweet
jasper-actually he's not one of my favs but i feel bad for him, and he does love alice
alice-she's just amazing all around, i love her
emmett-he's stinkin hysterical! i wish he was in it more (one reason why i like breaking dawn and midnight sun)
rosalie-she tried to like bella (even though she didn't really) and she saved renesmee
charlie-he's funny
quil-so cute with clair. i die every time i read that part with claire on the beach and the "poopoh wocks", alol
so yeah i like all of them
other than Jacob i'd choose Seth and Paul because i also hav an anger issue occasionaly
i no wat u mean like my b.f 's friend pushed me into a wall and i b- slaped him multipule times
Jacob & Alice
i think u r right, ppl shouldn't only like taylor. I for example like Kristen, Robert, Taylor and Ashley. I can't really Choose between any of them.
thank u!! i mean he's hot and all but i like more than just him!
Jacob is my fav. He is so HOT
My favorite character would have to be Jacob. I love him!!! He is funny and he always wears his heart on his shoulders, he never hides his feelings toward who he loves.
Mine are:


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