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i think Taylor looked in a mixtured of cute/hot/sexy/adorable at the teenchoice awards,wat do u guys think????

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he is always hot/cute/sexy/adorable not just at the teen choice awards
he is always looks cutter/hotter/sexier than rob.
He's cute/hot/sexy/adorable all the time.
Obviously. He's always cute/hot/sexy/adorable, duh.
hey added some totally cute pic's
he definetly looked cute/hot/sexy/adorable at the teenchoice awards. he is so muscular. when he is shirtless, i almost passout, but something about the tight shirt and vest he wore really made me see how big he really was. all i could say was wow.
it's true, he was born with ridiculously good looking looks!!
he was defs. a mixture of cute/hot/sexy/adorable, he always is (:
+ he can still talk publicly better than rob & kristen!!
ew & did u hear what they werw calling rob & kristen?? ROBSTEN :| personaly i think that sounds really retarded but im happy that they're together!
yeah,they act weird 2 & they just do the same weird things,but there totally cute together:)
But i guess taylor iz not really weird........just gotta luv his sexy self:D
yeah they do look kinda cute together im sorry but ROBSTEN come on?
he did not look cute he looked HOT!!!


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