The Twilight Saga

i did! it was the most corny movie but i love talyor!!

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I taped the movie just so I can watch him play his part over and over again.
OMG. I'm actually watching it right now! Because I have watched New Moon this morning, and fell in love with Taylor, I remembered 'Shark boy and Lava Girl' that I have watched before. So I searched for our 'Shark boy and Lava girl' dvd. (I just found out this site today and sign up, so I'm a bit late for this discussion, haha!)
lolz ya
hey omgz mee too ha ha and yes he is soooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!<3
yeah, alyson stoner is so lucky
I did
i did
I totle did
Hmmm, I saw Shark Boy and Lava Girl about 4 year ago, and then Taylor wasn't so hot like now:)))
And then I didn't watch it jsut to see Taylor:D
I did!!!!
i did too haha i bet everyone did and if you say you didnt YOUR LYING lol hahha


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