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I want 2 know who would u rather date Jacob or Edward! I would date Jacob but that's just me! So tell me who u woud date

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Edward because he's such a gentleman and Jacob because he's so sweet and because he my *type*.
*My type: Tall dark and hansome*
He's not handsome he's sexy breath taking and hot and cute and perfect and he's all MINE! Lolz!I wish he wuz though so wat u name? My name is zoey and I am 14 and I am cuban puerto rican and russian and native american and german and european!! Yup a lot of things but I am tan and light cuz I got a mix of things so wat bout u
jakob becuase hes so sweet and not as protective as edward....
He does not smell stupid and how would you know if he does stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So wat in real life he doesn't and yes I did read them all!!
Edward i love him hes just soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes just so nice and careing!
How old r u? I'm 14 and my name is zoey
totally jake cuz i wuld lyk sumone who culd be reckless nd stupid nd silly nd be best friends with soo that fits jakes personality perfectly nd i luv ppl who make me laugh nd r silly
jacob ofcourse he the sun and he warms you up. jacob is so protective. jacob is like my teadddy bear .jacob will make you laugh have fun and whos not going to want to kiss him. his lips are warm and waiting for you. At least you can make out with and not make out STIFLY with edward . you could do alot with jacob and you dont have to become what he is so just be your slef you dont have to be something to love him ...thats why i would rather date jacob
Jacob of course he is hot tall and very musley


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