The Twilight Saga

what would you choose? for me it hard to decide.

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I would say werewolf cuz then i get 2 phase and here his thots so i would kno if he's cheating or not~~~~!!!! But mostly not i hope!!!! <3
its hard to decide!!!
well i would want to be a werewolf like him but it dosent say i cant because in the book it says the wifes stay human unless i was leah!
werewolf because then i could live forever with him!! duh!
Werewolf, so I can be with him forever!!!!
werewolf cuz we can be together forever!!!!!!!!
werewolf. if i got mad at him i could punch him and not break my hand : )
i actually dont know...hehehe
its hard cuz if ur a werewolf u could live 4 ever w/ him bt u cant have any children...=[
so thats confussing!!!
werewolf because it is cool!!


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