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Like sam did Leah

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i know!! i wud go hav to go hav 1 of the Cullens change me into a vamp n kill him jk i wudnt b able 2 but ill hurt him n b eztra mad n sad
oh y not... if there is a chance
i would but then i would probably hate him if he left me he would be just like edward eving bella
Duhh!! Why even ask dat question!! Seriously by da way I'm his 4ever! DON'T HATE!!
of course i would!!! that is a stupid qustion but if he left me for someone eles i would have to thet girl
He would need to my type of guy, honest, and crazy cool.
ya! as long as i was aware that he could imprint at any time and understand what hes going through
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yeah, but i wud b sad ifh left me!
I would but then I would really hate myself for afterwards if he imprinted on some other girl.

***i just thought of this****
wouldn't it be really gross of a guy imprinted on a guy? *i hope that's not possible* but SM never said anything about that*
Probably not, it's not meant to be if he doesn't imprint.


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