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June 2011 Changes to Rules and Guidelines

The following addition will be made to the Site Guidelines on June 22, 2011:

17. is the home for fans of the Twilight Saga novels and movies online.  The content of the site – its discussions, its groups, its members – should primarily be focused on The Twilight Saga. The Site Rules stipulate the criteria by which content on the site will be maintained and any content that does meet these criteria will be deleted.


The following changes will be made to the Site Rules on June 22, 2011:

5. All users should be active members in the community. Therefore to keep the site active and manageable:


a) GROUPS: all groups that have fewer than 50 members or have not been active for 3 months will be closed.


b) USERS: any memberships inactive for over 6 months may be deleted. To save your account all you have to do is log in here.


c) DISCUSSIONS: all discussion threads that have been inactive for 3 weeks or more may be removed.


6. was designed to be a home all things Twilight! Discussions and groups related to Twilight or closely-related subjects are strongly encouraged. And while we appreciate that you are also fans of other things (like the many and varied works of Aaron Spelling? Seriously?) to keep the site focused and manageable groups not related in some reasonable way to the Twilight Saga will be closed.


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Comment by Anita Newbill on September 2, 2011 at 11:26pm

I m a fan, not a writer, and today [2 Sept 2011]I was not able to link into the updte to JJ's story "Bella's Sun 2 " from my e-mail, as I always have before!!   I am DESPERATE to keep up with this story!

I hope you can helpp me get back into the loop of updates, I have been very faithful, reading it every week, even a couple times thru-out the week to see what other fans think.

Please help!!!    Sincerelly,  Anita Newbill

Comment by Jasper's # 1 on September 2, 2011 at 12:17pm

weill if that is how you guys want to change things then you should also make the site more accessable from a mobil device !!!!!

I am not always near a computer and I am not the only person in my group that has this problem. I have a new android phone and we cant even locate this site from my phone. the thing at the botom of your profile page will not let me load any pics or info so there are times where I am not around for months ata time. Thanks for threatening my account


Comment by Cole Niall Baxter on August 1, 2011 at 7:32pm
I really don't agree with what you guys are doing and I'm new. I'm considering leaving, you know? I was told this was a really free site where you can discuss Edward, Jake, Bella and the whole world of Twilight, but then again talk and converse about other subjects. Limiting our freedom will just make this whole site inactive, and since you seem to be wanting to delete anything if it hasnt been touched in a very small period of time (in my opinion) then whats the point in the site? We're all going to come on here one day and there will be nothing. Nothing interesting anyway.
Comment by Mikhala♕ on July 24, 2011 at 3:45pm
Well damn.This sucks.
Comment by spegs on July 4, 2011 at 2:33am


i guess this is reasonable, why should we post discussions or

make groups the are not related to the Twilight Saga.

this is Twilight fan page anyway...




Comment by Olivia Fleury on June 28, 2011 at 2:15am
you are all over-reacting. They are gonna do whatever the heck they want no matter what you have to say about it. That isn't to say that i like it but who cares like i said before they are gonna do what they want and there is nothing you can do to stop it. chill
Comment by Erin the Mockingjay on June 26, 2011 at 12:43am
If you delete my non-Twilight groups, you delete my membership. End of story.
Comment by deanna carlie cullen on June 23, 2011 at 5:10pm

does this include the fanfictions group?


Comment by Zaicha The Vampire Goddess on June 21, 2011 at 8:34pm

Hello there, i forgot to say on my other messages that my stories have been without updates all this time is because i couldn't focus on them all the time i wanted because of my heavy loaded college work, problems at home, boyfriend, being sick 3 times, having a car accident 3 F's, problems with school ect...the list is long but i dont want to bore you with my problems.

i just want to plead for my profile, The Unexpected & Unfortunate fanfiction Profile page, and my 3 stories: New future the story of Gabriella Swan, The Blind side of Love, and The Unexpected and Unfortunate which half of the story got deleted with its comments...


please dont delete me, all i said above is true, not making this up at all. I love Twilight very much and it will sadden me that my stories are lost because of the new rules, i know you have to do what you have to do but please, read every plead message and choose who youre going to delete wisely (not telling you guys what to do at all) 


thank you very much.


Sincerely, Zaicha M. Torres aka: Zaicha The Vampire Goddess

Comment by Zaicha The Vampire Goddess on June 21, 2011 at 8:18pm

I've read the announcement...but i also heard that the deleting will be also for un updated stories and members? I just wanted to say in my defense that i know i have been absent for a while, but it just have been because this year college got harder and i was struggling to keep my grades up and survive this year.

now that is summer i am working on the stories i posted here, which im planning continuing. ive been working on the chapters all this time because i wanted to give the best to my followers and be an example for the younger ones who read my stories.


i have been aware of all that's going on at the site even if i didnt comment on anything and changed my profile picture for a while. and even when i didnt post on my stories either.



hope that you guys, do your best to keep the site all twilight related, and that the rumor of deleting stories and unactive members is just that a rumor.


thank you very much for the work you are doing on this wonderful site!


have a nice evening.


Zaicha M Torres aka: Zaicha The Vampire Goddess

Comment by Raven on June 21, 2011 at 1:02pm

Alright, I have read some of the comments here regarding this new site ruling and there were some who were really against it and only a few were in favor of it.


Well, as for my opinion, your new rules is somewhat stupid. Sorry for the word I didn't even mean to be rude here. I just finished re-reading the Guidelines for Membership and Participation in the Twilight Saga Co... (the unrevised) wherein you stated:


"These Guidelines are for all who visit this Site and participate in it in any way, including, without limitation, those who create their own personal pages, participate in readers’ groups, invite friends, send messages, or upload or embed photos or videos. We will do our best to keep this community a place where all members feel safe and comfortable."


Yeah right! Do you think we do still feel comfortable with it? I know, you even stated there that you have the rights to modify rules from time to time but guys, this is not fair! Now, it's being clearly stated that you will take away some of the members rights, including their happiness with the off-topics, seriously.


Yes, we came here because of Twilight, but goodness, everyone knows that we all cannot talk about it alone like as forever. You know that, right? And yes, this was really upsetting. I am so much affected with the discussion things like as you said:


"c) DISCUSSIONS: all discussion threads that have been inactive for 3 weeks or more may be removed."


I have stories posted here and it was considered discussions right? And I don't update my stories as in everyday. You mean to say before I could even post an update it was deleted already? Well, most of my updates were posted even after like a month. Plus the fact, it's not Twilight related.


You're talking in general here that's why most people were really against it. I don't mean to hate this site either or Twilight or Edward or anybody but I don't think this thing still has sense after you implemented the new guidelines.


And another funny thing was this:


"6. was designed to be a home all things Twilight! Discussions and groups related to Twilight or closely-related subjects are strongly encouraged. And while we appreciate that you are also fans of other things (like the many and varied works of Aaron Spelling? Seriously?) to keep the site focused and manageable groups not related in some reasonable way to the Twilight Saga will be closed."


Ha! Why did you approved such groups like "Beatles Lover", "Girl Problems", "EMOs", "Jr. Politicians", "Anime Lovers 4Ever" and so many more that is NOT Twilight related!!!? Are you all kidding us here? I don't see your point aside from giving us something to hate about.


And you even said that in the new Site Rules, which is about the groups:


"a) GROUPS: all groups that have fewer than 50 members or have not been active for 3 months will be closed."


Ok, some NON-TWILIGHT groups here do have less or more than 50 members, so what does it mean? Can you please explain that to us? Isn't it somewhat confusing pertaining to your number six rule? Wherein you said:


"And while we appreciate that you are also fans of other things (like the many and varied works of Aaron Spelling? Seriously?) to keep the site focused and manageable groups not related in some reasonable way to the Twilight Saga will be closed."


Doesn't it sound bias at all?


C'mon guys. You can set new rules of course but aint like this one.



Raven xxx

Comment by mariam amr ebrahim on June 21, 2011 at 10:00am

look,if you delete any group non-related for twilight ,i am gonna delete my account

espesially fanfiction,the banner making groups and the fan groups of other people

Comment by HotPocket on June 19, 2011 at 10:38pm
what do you have against Aaron Spelling? lol..
Comment by Persephone (Shinsō) on June 19, 2011 at 10:50am
To add to my comment, for one thing: I don't really talk Twilight at all anymore (I used to, but hey, I moved on) and I still have friends here who I chat with in our own cozy little corner of the site where we take a break from fangirls ZOMG-ing about Edward. Sigh... now to go find another obsession to spend my not-life on. Greaaat.
Comment by Persephone (Shinsō) on June 19, 2011 at 10:47am
Okay... I'm definately not in favor of this.  I gave up on Twilight a long time ago, but stayed on the site as a way of still finding friends and talking about other things.  If this deletes my favorite groups, I'm definately gunna delete my account...
Comment by TheImprinted(Becki) on June 19, 2011 at 10:32am

@Caramella Dura. I agree that there are other sites. I am a big fan of Deviant. A lot of my graphics are there. I also read many stories on Livejournal and FF but those site, though they are excellent sites, don't often have the same feeling of community that we have here.


I have seen many excellent writers discouraged on FF by a random negative comment. We don't often see that here. Not to mention, we have groups that share ideas and help others to improve their writing, while supporting and encouraging the writer. I don't often see that on FF either. 


Though I agree that there are other excellent sites out there to post writing, there aren't many with the same kind of support that young writers often find here.


Also, as much as I love deviant, I have learnt so much more here than I have there. This may not hold true for others but I have found the step by step graphics tuts here to be an excellent resource. 


I just hate to see such excellent groups and members go away because twilight isn't their only focus. I am sorry if I made you feel that I was saying that this is THE ONLY site worth posting on. That wasn't my meaning at all. 

Comment by Caramella Dura on June 19, 2011 at 8:41am

I would just like to address the concerns of Thelmprinted(Becki). Although I agree with everything that you are saying because I don't want to see those groups eliminated either, there are other places that support those groups. and deviantart and livejournal are excellent sites.  These sites are home to incredibly talented artists and writers.  I'm only saying this so that those who which to do so know that there creativity has an outlet. 

I must say that I am shocked by the position that Hachette is taking.  It's very closed minded.  And the comments made in the last statement of #6 ("like the many and varied works of Aaron Spelling? Seriously?)" were quite childish and undeserving to the loyal following that this forum has established.  I'm not even a member of that group and I feel insulted.

Yes the membership will drop off.  That's a given.  Even the most die hard fan cannot talk 24/7 Twilight. 

Comment by TheImprinted(Becki) on June 19, 2011 at 6:52am

Most of the comments I wanted to make while reading this have already been written and there is no need to be repetitive. So I will just speak to my greatest concern.


The Writing Groups. We have so many young people on here that would not be writing at all if it were not for this site and the many writing groups. Now, sure, these groups do have quite a bit of fanfiction on them but there are also quite a few original stories by very talented young writers. 


I personally believe that anytime our youth is writing and learning and not playing video games or watching Glee, is a good thing. I shudder to think what will happen when these young people no longer have a supportive community to post their writings and learn from each other. 


Also, we have our graphics groups. These are a vital part of the site. The groups are more focuses on graphics than Twilight but the site would be very plain and (sorry to say) ugly without their beautiful pictures and banners. They even give lessons to teach others how to do it. These groups are very informative and give the site some flavor. Not to mention, it helps to foster the creative juices of the future graphics artists of the world. 


Anytime we can foster the creativity of our youth, it shouldn't matter what they are creating. We should not hamper that. 


Sure, there are other sites to display graphics and post writings but none offer the supportive community that we have here. I belong to some of those sites and I often see young writers get discouraged by idiots who would prefer to bad mouth someone's writing instead of helping to make it better. 


We have one of the best sites with the most supportive communities. Please don't take this from us.

Comment by ϟNelly Potterϟ on June 19, 2011 at 4:29am
I don't think this is such a good idea. Just take not of how many people here are saying exactly what I'm saying. I first came here for Twilight. I've grown out of that now and I read, write and discuss not just Twilight, but many other books and things to. To be honest, this site would be a bore if it was anything and everything Twilight. Infact, just being truthful, I haven't even read the Twilight books in over a year. If you do this, you will lose THOUSANDS of members. I would leave, but I have many friends on here from all over the world who I can only contact on here, and many stories that I have written that I don't want to put anywhere else. Many of my friends have worked hard on here and most of that will now be deleted because of this? That is shameful.

I think don't delete them all, just delete the groups and discussions that haven't been touched in months. That would be much better than deleting them all.

I'm just sayin'.
Comment by Kristy Locke(coventry) on June 18, 2011 at 11:43pm

i cant believe they want to do that. what do they expect us to chat twilight all the time?...if it wasnt for these groups we wouldnt hear about new books to read. ive had the best book suggestions come from this site. nor would i get the chance to talk to my twilight friends.

Im with Carolyn!!! (see below)...everything she says i agree with!

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