The Twilight Saga

Acacia Corvinus

19 (110)
Straight - Taken by Tate
Hiei Coven/Corvinus - Council Heiress
Ability - Biological (Can morph into a large bat creature by will & sacrificial healing)
FC: Taissa Farmiga
Family: Evelyn Andris (Cousin)

Born into the strongest and ruling class family of the Nykterída people, Acacia was not used to poverty, adversity, or anything less than a privileged lifestyle. Everything was done for her hands remain without callouses from overwork. Just because her like was mainly easy, it didn't mean it was the picture perfect life she was aiming for. During her youth, she was unable to think or do anything for herself, all decisions were usually made by her parents like most young royals went through during that time frame. During the rise of resistance among her kind, most of her family looked down on this, calling these leaders and reformers 'scoundrels.' They believed that they should not show violence to the humans but in fact work with them to wipe out any of the threats within their own species. Acacia was disgusted by the corruption she lived in and desperately wanted to break away, falling hopelessly in love with the movement she was unable to contribute to. It was almost impossible for her, she was practically a marionette to her parents and used her to get rid of threats to their own power. Marrying her off to men of other royal families, they would have them killed within weeks by 'mysterious causes.' Because of this, Acacia was degraded by most men and referred to as 'Black Widow' for her contribution to her spouses' deaths. It was easy to pin these deaths on her, especially because of her abnormal ability. Although not bitten by both bat and wolf, she is able to shift into a winged creature that reflects both species well.
As she aged, Acacia became rebellious, refusing to continue on the dehumanizing treatment she was given of luring royal men to their deaths. Her refusals started slow and short, soon progressing into larger and more public outbursts that were unable to be ceased. Once she got the chance, she ran away from her parents, wanting to start anew. It was impossible for her to adjust to these new living conditions of being so alone and spiraled into depression and drugs. Since she was already dead, there was no addiction nor harm caused to her and merely just gave her something else to consume rather than blood. When she couldn't feed, she'd maim herself and feed from her own blood, helping her only the slightest.
She was found, practically dead in the forests that the Hieians owned, taken in by their spy service, the ίσκιος. Once lodged safely into their coven, she was awe stricken and in a shock to find that she was shown such hospitality by Calypso Miron herself; the woman that her parents saw as the Devil himself. Unlike her parents and most of the Corvinus' that were bloodthirsty for power, Acacia venerated her and always dreamed of being able to be so free and do so much good that she has for their species. She felt so inferior to be graced by her appearance and always subordinated herself to her, along with anyone else that Calypso put into her high regard. She felt unworthy to be near her, because of her own history and how manipulated she had been. However, Calypso fancied Acacia to the point where she was offered the position to take over after her once she died. Feeling that was too much responsibility, Acacia politely declined and instead got a future position to work alongside the next Hieian leader as the head of their council. The two of them created a bond together that was the closest thing Acacia has ever had as friendship. After decades since her arrival, the Delis, Mihal, and Petro family unit arrived and were probably the best of her friends she made. She works alongside Astoria.


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