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She is clothed in dignity and strength . `*
;| Name |; Alexandria Kenseth ;| Age |; 26 years of age
;| Sexual Orientation |;Straight
;| Relationship Status |;Single
;| Children |;Sadly none
;| Friends/Family |; Twin sister Danielle
;| Career |; Actress

;| As a known beautiful Actress, Alexandria was a very sweet innocent child, but as mentioned before an event left her Twin sister and herself in a state of ptsd, but have made it out strong and willing to have a better life. She now doesn't really get along with her sister, but they try and maintain a healthy sisterhood,. She may seem like your normal high expected Actress when in all honesty, she cares more about everyone else but herself, and most guy don't seem to understand that she is willing to give her heart and soul in making him happy but love isn't in the picture but she hopes one day, it will be something real. I love you. |;


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