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Alice Kingsleigh

Taken- Brandon
Singer for MTP

Albums: The girls


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Comment by мα∂ т ραrtч on August 9, 2014 at 3:50am

At 3:20pm on August 7, 2014,  said…

Brandon- nodded and smiled as he moved a bit and he made her stand up looking down at her. "We will make this work I promise, if you want we can stay here in this house and I can work on fixing the guest room to make it our little one's nursery. it's not mandatory we move to a new house." He smiled and got on his knees as he kissed her belly. "Of course she will she has the perfectly mommy." He smirked and stood up once more and leaned in kissing her back tenderly

Comment by мα∂ т ραrtч on August 5, 2014 at 7:29pm

At 10:22pm on August 4, 2014,  said…

Brandon- smiled and thought for a moment. "Have you figured out or brain stormed any names for her?" He asked as he held her sit down on the couch as he continued knelt down in front of her. He had never felt so connect to someone before but he already felt tied down to Alice and their unborn daughter. Studying the sonogram he smiled. "She's beautiful." He nodded and looking up at her. "Alice, don't go back, stay with me. Let's run away." He said softly. He couldn't loose her again.

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