The Twilight Saga

Althea "The Assertor" Rokos

Abenaki Pack - Alpha
FC: Allie Berry
Known for being one of the most ruthless female Alphas in the werewolf world. She may be beautiful and she may have a gorgeous voice, but if you step in the wrong direction or do something, even the tiniest thing wrong, you're done. Male werewolves run with their tails between their legs after Althea is finished with them. Too much of a brute to think of a love life, the one thing that worries he is not having a mate to make her a heir as mighty as she is.
After the purges became known to her, she immediately stepped up to the plate to help defend her people. Taking her job so seriously, she allows and tolerates absolutely no fighting between other packs or covens, sentencing anyone whom doesn't obey these terms into exile. She understands that having unity and alliances with others in one of the only ways this resistance will be successfully executed. She makes sure her pack as well as others are at peace and will not rest until each pack in under cooperation in order to defend themselves from the humans. As the other leaders and Alphas go to physically attack the enemy, she stays behind and is the discipline for the other packs to make sure they don't step out of line with one another, giving her her street name of "The Assertor." She works alongside Donovan to do so.
Werewolf Form:
(Drawn by Jennette Brown)


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