The Twilight Saga

Andy Biersack

Andy was ultimately born in another world; another time. He was born in a wasteland; a vast desert with only crumbling villages and tiny towns- and the F.E.A.R Headquarters. Where the young angel had been born, the place was ruled by a government who strived to take away any form of creativity, any form of individuality.

But as a child, his parents didn't want him to grow up in such a toxic world, so they went to the other side; our side. Andy, his mom, and his dad got a small but quaint house in Cincinnati, Ohio. And from the time he could crawl, Andy knew he wanted to do something big with his life.

He and his cousins would always pretend to be rockstars all the time as they were growing up. As the years progressed and Andy got older, he realized he needed to become serious about this if he wanted it to happen.

At age 10, the blonde haired, blue eyed boy got into piano and bass lessons as well as began to teach himself guitar. This was also the time he began to learn about this other world in which he was born. The barren desert in which people are killed in a bloodbath almost daily if they try to revolt against F.E.A.R alone. As well as wanting to live out his dream of being the next Gene Simmons, he wanted to do something to help protect the people of this 'other world.'

A year later is when Andy fell. He was tired of being 'normal.' So he rebelled against some of the other angels. He was in the Realm and simply..... Jumped. Plunging back down to Earth, he knew that he would never be back and that he would never be 'perfect' again. And yet he didn't regret it.

It took a while as he began to get used to being a 'freak' but he accepted it with open arms. Andy dyed his blonde hair black, got snakebites, began wearing eyeliner and skinny jeans. Of course, the kids he went to school with weren't used to that, so he got bullied heavily all through out middle school and high school. But hey, it came with the territory. Music began to play an even bigger part in his life.



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Comment by ℓσѕт σηєƨ ™ on March 6, 2014 at 8:48pm
At 16, he and his mom moved out to Hollywood, to pursue his music career. Andy ended up getting cast in a couple commercials, but acting wasn't really his forte. He searched around until he found some people he thought he could stick with and become famous with. And thus, Black Veil Brides was born.

The band began getting famous; their first hit, Knives and Pens, wracking up over 50 million views. They were on the fast track to stardom. After the release of their first record, We Stitch These Wounds, Andy slowly began learning ways to access the other world in which he was born. Around that time unfortunately, the drummer, Sandra Alva, ended up leaving the band because she needed some time for herself.

By the time BVB's second album was released, the band was getting quite big. During the production of Set The World On Fire, the guys decided it'd be a cool idea to come up with 'roles' they would play in the process of setting the world on fire.

Andy: The Prophet.
Ashley Purdy: The Deviant.
Jinxx: The Mystic.
Jake Pitts: The Mourner.
Christian 'CC' Coma: The Destroyer.

Much to Andy's shock, he learned that the other four men were fallen angels as well who were also born in the Other World. At this time, they knew they needed to do something about F.E.A.R, so they figured out a way to travel back and forth to this other world to start a revolution against F.E.A.R.

The five men gather outcasts and runaways who didn't want to live by F.E.A.R's conformity. So Andy, Ashley, Jake, Jinxx and CC had created an army: The Legion of The Black and the band were their leaders: The Wild Ones. Each leader had powers that represented the five elements. CC could influence the earth, as well as being ridiculously strong. Jinxx had power over fire, and to a certain degree, precognition. Ashley, water. Jake, air. And Andy, spirit.

During the creation of BVB's third album, Andy decided he needed to bring the world of F.E.A.R into this world. So, he created Wretched and Divine: The Story of The Wild Ones. It showed what he wanted to accomplish which was to overthrow F.E.A.R and have that world live freely, similar to this one.

Piece by piece, day by day, the Wild Ones continue to jump back and forth between worlds, being a rock band in one, and saviours in another.

And honestly, Andy wouldn't have it any other way.

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