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Jordan Ramsay

Ah yes. Jordan, the youngest one of the clan. She had been the youngest (and the smallest) all her life. She was the 4th and final child of the Ramsay family. Sara, Angela and Josh, all older than her, so she was.... Payed less attention than her three counterparts. Imagine having 2 preteens and a child all with ADHD. Not exactly heaven for parents.

She didn't mind though. From a young age, the blue eyed blonde learned independence. She could take care of herself by the age of 7, a surprising feat.

Jordan had also gotten into music, like the rest of her family. Josh taught her piano and guitar, and her mom helped her with singing. She was enjoying life as much as a little girl could. Everything was wonderful to her.

Unfortunately, she didn't understand the horrors unfolding until it was too late. She had noticed something.... Off, about Josh. He wasn't eating. Jordan couldn't have been more than 10, but she understood that what Josh was doing wasn't normal.

One day, she caught Josh coming out of the bathroom. His nose was bleeding and she had heard him gagging. She asked him was was wrong. At first, Josh didn't answer. A few days passed before Josh pulled her aside and told her.
"I was throwing up because I don't want to gain weight."

Even for someone so young, Jordan knew what her brother was doing, probably before he himself even knew. He was bulimic.

Jordan tried her best to keep it out of her mind, but it kept creeping up. Shortly after her 11th birthday things took a turn for the worst. Very late at night, Josh would come, smelling of cigarette smoke and alcohol and would not fall asleep until the early hours of the morning, if at all.

Insomnia began to plague her. The young girl would stay awake at night, wondering what had happened to her role model, the one person she was really close to in her dysfunctional family.

Eventually, Jordan fell into the same pattern Josh had. She would get bullied, called fat and ugly and worthless. So, she stopped eating as well. Cuts and scars marred her pale flesh. But, fortunately, she wouldn't go down such a dark path.

One night, at around 3AM, Jordan was cuddling with an intoxicated and high Josh, unknown to her, as they talked about running away, starting a new life somewhere else, as children dream. She looked down and saw.... Tiny red holes in her brother's arms. She questioned him as she had months before and he only answered:
"There are demons inside of me, Jordy. And they need to be killed."

Only days later did they run off to Portland together. The pair hitchhiked and caught trains to their destination.
They dyed their hair so they wouldn't be recognized as easily. Jordan was scared; scared of what would happen if Josh didn't return to their shabby abandoned hotel, scared if she walked in the room one day and he was lying in a pool of blood, scared that she didn't care what happened to her anymore.

After spending what seemed like an eternity alone together, Jordan finally confided in Josh and said that she wanted to go home. That she was tired of him selling his body to get her food. So, they made their way back to Vancouver. Once they arrived, their parents were frantic. Jordan didn't care. She went back down to her familiar room in the basement and slept for 27 hours straight.

When school was back in session, she had noticed her brother had left and she didn't know where he was. The raven haired girl was more depressed and broken then she had ever been. Her only friend... Had abandoned her. Jordan had even attempted suicide, and almost succeeded too.

A week after her 13th birthday, Josh appeared again. She was beside herself with joy. She cried and cried, never wanting to let her brother's thin waist go. For the first time in months, she went to bed with a smile.



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Comment by ℓσѕт σηєƨ ™ on June 28, 2014 at 10:13pm
That day, her parents and sisters had gone out, thinking Josh couldn't do anymore harm to himself. Jordan and Josh were left alone in the house. Around 5:30 in the afternoon, Jordan had heard a large thump from her brother's room. She went to investigate.... And what she discovered would be scarred into her brain. One of her worst nightmares had come true.

There was Josh, lying on the floor, highlighted in red, a needle and a razor laying by his hand. Jordan collapsed next to him and screamed and cried, begging for him to wake up.

Luckily, her parents arrived back home. They rushed down to the basement, alarmed at Jordan seeing as they had never heard her so grief stricken before. Their mom almost fainted with fear. Their dad called an ambulance and Josh was rushed to the hospital.

The hospital staff knew Jordan had a history and found out that Josh needed to be hospitalized for more than his suicide attempt. So, the pair's parents thought it be best if they were placed in the mental health and rehabilitation program together. 8 months later, the two finally left the hospital for their mental demons. Jordan was truly happy for the first time in what felt like forever.

Summer came and went. For Jordan's 14th birthday, Her parents thought it'd be suitable if the family went on a real vacation. They flew down to Santa Carla, California where Jordan would meet someone who would change her life forever.

One evening, after wandering away from her family, she spotted a boy whom she found intriguing. The pair talked and got to know each other, and she found out that the handsome boy's name was David. Before the family left Santa Carla, David promised to keep in touch with her.

Jordan had always know that beings that were not fully human existed. Her brother and cousin were fallen angels and her other cousin was a demigod, after all. Yet she was unaware of the danger she had encountered in the small Californian town.

A year passed and David had kept his promise. Jordan had asked to go back down to Santa Carla. Her family thought it was simply because she had such fun on her last birthday so they obliged.

Jordan left her family again and once more found David. This time around though, David is flanked by 3 other guys; his friends. They talked her into going down into their 'lair', an old hotel embedded in the side of a cliff. For some reason, Jordan wasn't afraid.

David decides to put her through an unsettling initiation which involves her drinking from an ornate wine bottle. She then joins the group in hanging from the underside of elevated train tracks, watching in horror as each willingly drops into a foggy gorge below. Unable to hold her grip any longer, Jordan falls... waking up in her bed in her hotel room, groggy and disoriented, the next morning. But she had no idea what she was slowly becoming.

She developed an intense sensitivity to sunlight, an "allergy" to garlic as well as many other things. The last night in Santa Carla, Jordan found David once more and confronted him, who simply laughed in her face and dissapeared into the night. That was the last time she ever saw David or the others.

Her family once more returned to Vancouver with their 'sick' daughter. A few nights later was when everything truly set in: she had been turned into a vampire.

To try and hide this horrid reality from her parents, her, Josh as well as Andy and Annabeth got a house and moved in together. Only months had passed when one warm May evening, Jordan had decided to venture out on her own.

There was a type of... Visiting amusement park on the beach near her new house. She decided to check it out, and came across someone she had never seem before. A man by the name of Michael, but that's a story for another time.

And now here we are, nearly a year and a half later. Jordan has accepted her vampirism and so has her tattooed lover.

Sure, it may not be the life she imagined for herself, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

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